Cheat day!

As promised, it's a food picture!  My eating plan allows (requires, actually) that I eat all the garbage I can imagine one day per week.  From Saturday dinner through Sunday dinner, I eat pure starch, sugar, and other junk.  This is last night's lamb korma; I am currently draining an Orange Julius fruit beverage with protein powder.  The other six days of the week I eat proteins, beans, vegetables and cottage cheese.  Here is a photo respresentative of what I eat during the week (not mine, but similar):

Anyway, I think I've figured out what I'll do with myself - learn IT skills and move to Germany.  I'm looking at a two-week intensive German course in Dusseldorf, and plan to do that this summer.  I'm learning to read German through pounding vocabulary into my head and reading der Spiegel online.  I can learn IT stuff here stateside, get my feet wet and whatnot, then figure out where I want to live.  The Rhine sounds like a nice place; I like the idea of being where wine and beer meet.  Ah, ideas...