My riches can't buy everything. Or much of anything, really. I don't make much money..

This video is about a guy who made a pretty impressive transformation using the yogaish exercise program I've been doing for about six weeks now.  I won't be able to make such a huge leap, but on the plus side I didn't ever have to use crutches.  He's a very impressive man, and I'll admit I've rewatched this on nights I didn't feel like exercising.

Lots of chicken is in my oven baking.  Pre-cooking saves energy and time.  After I rid myself of the chicken, it's pulled pork time.  It's pretty goldurn tasty, as are these tasty eggs I bought from my local tavern (the eggs were brought in by a regular patron, and I bought the eggs off him. I don't buy eggs from a tavern).  Yay real eggs without the irradiation and being months old.  Time for omelettes!