Welp, health progress has backslid.  This was not a surprise; I was too ambitious and unrealistic.  I have gone back to the drawing board and found this: http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2007/04/06/how-to-lose-20-lbs-of-fat-in-30-days-without-doing-any-exercise/

I like that it allows me to gorge one day a week.  Every Sunday, yours truly will gorging on unadulterated crap.  Yay nachos!  Blizzards!  Gummy worms!  The International House of Pancakes!

Anyway, despite the title of the plan, I am exercising.  Retired pro wrestler Dallas Page has a workout program I've been doing - no weights, no gyms.  I like it because I can pause it and also Dallas Page is the most upbeat guy around.  It's nice to have that.  Once I hit my goal, I will renew my passport.  Look out, girls of Europe!  It's an obnoxious fat tourist!