Why is it so hard to find a nice rain jacket?


Life keeps rolling on here. Still dull as all get-out, but on the right path. Getting rid of hubris and my damaging need to control everything about me helps. I've also been eating more horseradish. I'm shedding fat left and right, figuratively and literally. The only issue is that my midsection hasn't gotten the memo. I look like I'm wearing an inner tube. Stupid genetics.


It's been a couple of weeks since I've banished grains from my life. I had a sandwich some time back and did not relish that tightening in the throat area. Not good times.

The severe reduction in sugars led to a fun first week, where I was in an awful mood that was even worse than my normal bad mood as it was exacerbated by a crushing headache. Not good times.

Good times: I feel better now. It's something about avoiding foods that cause painful reactions. The only downside so far is the expense, because I've been too crushed for time (lazy) to do a real supermarket trip. On the plus side, the farmers' market and butcher are open tomorrow morning. I'm going to make my own dried meat! Maybe gooseberries will be in, which I can then put on top of my ricotta/stevia/cocoa powder abomination. It's tasty, very low in sugars and much more filling than ice cream.

Lard and butter, people. Throw out your oppressive hydrogenated oils! Low-fat garbage.


You are neither a sad person nor a happy person. You are a person. I love you.