I just used the passival tense in a sentence. I am awesoming.


Year #32

Yup, it begins. I expect the Canadian government to have my gold-plated statue atop the CN Tower completed within the week.

Birthdays are not a big deal anymore; I don't generally tell people when my birthday is, and keep it pretty low-key. I've been like this most of my life. Others love doing their birthdays as huge occasions, which is a pretty fun thing for me as a guest. I see my birthday more like New Year's: a chance to get better. So far, I'm 35 hours without sugars or grains. I slept like a log last night, of course. I'm finally admitting I can't eat wheat, though I still wish I were a man of faith so I could curse my chosen deity for this inconvenience. White people problems? Yup.

I'm either buying a hand mixer or my mother is getting me one for my birthday. Either way, I found me a bread substitute so I can still eat delicious sandwiches. Sandwiches are delicious and the bane of my existence. Anyway, oopsies are a horribly-named bread substitute that are sort of like a meringue mixed with cream cheese. I'm more excited about renaming 'oopsies' than turning 31. I will call them Macho Tough Guy Bread.