While I can't condone pelting this unimportant person with flour (yeah Kim Kardashian is famous and all, but she isn't important). Such actions mean so much less when perpetrated against vapid celebrities than against heads of state and other real decision-makers. They do things that really hurt people rather than just waste their time.

Attacks like this also make me call into question the true value of being famous. So many would kill others or degrade themselves for the fame that Kim enjoys; Kim herself is a prime example (if you don't already know why she first became famous, don't find out).

This isn't happiness.


Minimally Interesting

Friday evening I went to a meetup in balmy Kirkwood, MO USA hosted by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Millburn. Ryan & Joshua call themselves The Minimalists, and I'm hoping you can suss out their mission from the name.

I'm making slow progress in paring down my lifestyle to something well-curated. I like 'curated' or 'edited' over 'minimalist' to describe my personal outlook. It's a semantic difference, but it clarifies my thinking. Others may of course call whatever they do whatever they wish to call it.

Of course there's little point in getting rid of much of your possessions without an underlying purpose. What interested me about the meetup was the background of the hosts as well as those who attended. There were about 25 people who showed, many of whom were clued in via Don Marsh's radio show on the local NPR affiliate (yes, Don is still on the scene).

Much of the evening focused on Ryan & Joshua's story, which is detailed on their site (Cliff's Notes version: too much too fast, didn't do a damn thing for happiness). The group was pretty diverse; some focused on the nuts and bolts of clearing out clutter and quitting one's job to pursue something greater, others offered philosophical, moral/spiritual elements, and still others asked critical questions to gain understanding. Some of the evening felt as though guests were vetting our hosts, and they seemed to pass easily.

Some in the group had very lofty goals of writing, helping others, and even saving the planet. I personally took home ease of mind; my goal with this undertaking is to live better and smarter. I am doing this personally to spend as much time as I can being Aaron Goddamned Manton and not Consumption Unit #6749202849650. Consuming less isn't of itself a solution to much of anything, but I have fun ideas for the time I save.


Sleepy. The auld time change is not good for my system; also bad for me is a certain cat who insists on sleeping on top of my shins. Damn cat. Even the delicious, healthy but not healthy taste of V8™ vegetable juice won't cut it.

I need more sleep.

Damn cat.



Ever think about how much time is spent pursuing 'passions'? Ever think sometimes a passion is more a very destructive habit? I can't say I've become too obsessive with anything I do, per se, just throwing it out there. I've always feared becoming too good at something because it would make me lose interest and stop learning. The only exception I can think of is intercourse, because that is always fun.


My arm grew back

It has now been over six months since Yours Truly shot dead my Facebook account. It was a very small part of my 30th birthday, and I was sadly actually nervous about it. People like me who have somewhat addictive personalities have trouble with change.

Being Facebook-free has been... great! I was far too reliant on it to communicate as well as gauge my own popularity. I would actually feel bad when people 'unfriended' me, even trying to figure out who had decided to 'abandon' me. It's really odd to think of using a website as an indicator of friendship. By 'really odd', I mean 'silly'. The only downside was seeing people out and about being concerned that I had ditched them on Facebook. I ditched everyone, thank you! Here's to a whole life without that time suck!


Oh, and maybe I drink too much

My work schedule plus general laziness has hit a nadir; the lady at Jack in the Box said she noticed I hadn't been by in a while. I'd rather not be recognised at any fast food chain. Stupid sandwiches with tasty egg. Even stupider bad reaction to the bread!

It's time I learned to cook well. I'll admit to being embarrassed to having been seen as a 'regular' at one of those greaseholes. I'm far too pretty to abuse my insides like that. May as well start smoking again. Ugh! Now that soft drinks are beaten back, I can take on a new challenge.


Ah, breeze

Nothing like hailstorms this morning giving way to a cool breeze. I need a couple new pairs of shorts. I'm down to one, and that pair zips into trousers as well. Maybe I should just get a couple more pairs of those. Yay efficiency.