I live a day's drive from any ocean.

Ah, warmer weather. We have had a very mild winter, which of course means a bug-filled summer like they have down South. Not looking forward to that. That's a few months away, thankfully.

It's Spring Cleaning™ time in my house. This year, I plan to go further than I ever have gone. I plan to have 80% of my already minimal amount of junk either donated or in my shed with price tags affixed. I am really tired of having lots of useless junk. I've read into the concept of miminalism, and like a lot of it. I'm not a fan of the label, as a) it makes people presuppose things about me, and b) I don't really plan to preach my gospel. If you want to have a bunch of stuff, go for it. My goal is to be able to move everything I own that isn't furniture in one car trip. I think that's the best lesson I learned living on another continent besides wanting to live on said continent permanently. Oh and I made lots of great friends, learned about myself and all that other crap.