I love you, soda! Why don't you love me?

1 soda-free week completed. I've been drinking a lot of iced tea. I've had some 'fun' headaches that have begun to subside. I'm definitely sleeping better, except the part where it's really hard to get out of my comfy, comfy bed (which was difficult anyway).

I've also shaved $80 of unneeded monthly expenses from my life in the form of terminating home internet and a couple of music subscription services. It's good ol' NPR and such for me! It also gives me a chance to use the public library more. This will be good for my body as well as my mind, as one of our librarians has threatened physical harm on my person if I don't come into the library. I like my person, so I'll comply.


I haven't had a soft drink all day. This is harder than quitting smoking. It's also probably my 30th attempt. Stupid delicious soda.