I try to be open to different ways of doing things, but eating with chopsticks is really silly. It just is.

Wheels up, fools.


So I have deleted Facebook. On a related note, if anyone reading this who is an FB friend could confirm I don't show up on the site, I'd appreciate it.

I'd love to say this is some way of de-linking with the impersonal online world, but honestly I just wasted too much damn time on that site to my detriment. The people who matter can still reach me, and if I need to get hold of anyone I have other ways. I just kinda got sick of the same ol' crap from the same ol' ninnies. Hey, jerks: I love my family and friends as well. It's not a contest. I felt as though I were reading a Hallmark card. While I don't believe there is truly original thought anymore, it'd be nice to have the illusion from time to time.

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Yours truly leapt into the world of e-reading with the purchase of a Kobo® e-ink reader. I was ready to enjoy free public domain books as well as the ability to borrow from the local library. I keep forgetting that I'm a dummy. So far I've only spent $25 on books, so that isn't bad. The real joy for the burgeoning minimalist (sort of) is that I will not have the buttload of books to move whenever I move house; this bad boy holes thousands of volumes, plus I get fun little 'rewards' for reading! I sound like a child. This means it was a fine purchase. If it doesn't make me giddy, I don't really need it.