'Worms can go fuck themselves' - Alec Sulkin

This is the funniest thing I've read in a while.


As fun as I make working easy two jobs look, it isn't fun. It's made me pissy, lethargic, fat(ter) and a drunk. To this end, I am slowly initiating good things into my life. I am currently in the middle of going through each and every item in my possession and getting rid of a great majority of them. I have 4 rooms of my house down and am in the process of bringing up the shit in the basement to force myself to do the basement and kitchen. After that it's just the garage, which is mostly refuse and recycling anyway. Yay.

I've also messed with my schedule a bit to get back into MMA classes twice a week. I took MMA for a couple months before taking off for Britain and have meant to get back into it. It's good for fitness and my mood - I can work off the anger that permeates into my life. I have no plans to go out and fight anyone or anything, as I'm still soft as they come.

Re: drunk, I'm noticing I spend an inordinate sum of money on food and drink. I'm scaling myself back to once, maybe twice a week going out to the tavern. I need to sleep. I can't replicate my drinking 'glory days' of 2002-2007 if I want functional kidneys. Maybe once all my crap is removed from the basement and I can get to my weight bench again I can rock up. Aw hell whom am I kidding? I'll settle for pudgy.

Kinda looking forward to turning 30. Two more months...