Holy sweet god damn she left the cello in the basement

Society conditions us despite our best efforts. I've been listening to Weezer's 'Pinkerton', an album I had in heavy rotation in 1996. Rivers Cuomo was yearning for a girl, I assumed at the time. She was half-Japanese, and he liked her. In 1997 I realised he was shouting at the world his Yellow Fever (affinity for women of an East Asian background). As I've aged I've been conditioned to be more put off by this than I had been. How can he sexualise an entire ethnic group?! raged the good little college boy. He's chasing a stereotype with his yearning for cellists and schoolgirls!

Doing pretty well so far, right? Here's where I admit my folly and everyone else can ruminate on their own if applicable:

1. All romantic attraction is sexual. Of course Rivers has preferences! They just happen to be different from mine. Very. Aaron Manton's Pinkerton would have been about arguing, bad jokes and prominent noses. If you hear of any musicians writing songs about engaging, handsome Americans of Canadian extraction let us know (please, please PLEASE Carrie Brownstein!)

2. Stereotypes are always in play, and interracial relations are highly sexualised by outside observers. The example: white woman, black man. Spike Lee made a living doing a much better job explaining this than I ever could. All I can say is that marriage is marriage; what happens in one's bedroom leading up to that is a different story, but couplings are much more human than assumed freaky sex. TV and music do a great job selling us something different than human reality.

Anyway, this comes up in part because I have two close (white) friends who are about to marry Oriental girls. One couple is pretty sedate about it; you don't hear anything said between them regarding their differences. With the other, it's a joke. I have to think that both at some point had to have the 'do you like me for me or for what you think I represent?' conversation. I have no doubt that the feelings are real and personal in both cases. It's just sort of unfortunate we've been conditioned to the point that we have to ask these questions.

Then again I'm probably the only person thinking about this. Not attractive.


Life bullets

I am never living in a home with carpet again. Yes my dog is loud when she walks, but it's a small price to pay. Blecch to such things.

Vitamin D is an underrated nutrient. I've been supplementing with some pills and it helps tremendously. Maybe when the sun comes back I can get some the natural way.

I need another dog. It's a mistake to be sure, but my current pet will be happy with a friend. The cat is sometimes reclusive, and he deserves his time as well.

I need time. I've been rethinking my schedule and I waste far too much time on fruitless nonsense. I'll need more time for gym, house work and actual conviviality. This will mean less vegetable time. Perhaps some crank...