Worth squinting

I went swimming for the first time in ages last night. I still can't put my face in the water.

Song: The Swimming Song (Loudon Wainwright)


I am trying an experiment. It involves making my home so spartan it’s not possible for it to become a disaster area. Obivously this plan only works for single men, but I have faith in it. Unfortunately for me, this comes at a culinary crossroads: my trusty $15 pot and pan set from Big Lots has gone kaput on me. I guess $3 a year for pots and pans isn’t bad. Now it’s time to be a big boy. Obviously I don’t mean to be a ‘copper pot/Viking range’ grown-ass man, but I think something from the Rachael Ray/Nigella Lawson/Paula Hope-Y’all-Brought-Your-Stretchy-Pants genus would do for the young gadfly.