Road (or treadmill) runner...

I started running today, going 1.5 miles (@ 2.4 km) on a treadmill. I did stop a few times to catch my breath, but after I got going I felt good. In fact, the reason I stopped was the knowledge that these Five Finger shoes require me to take it easy at first so I become acclimated to 'barefoot' running. My calves are already backsassing me, so I figure tomorrow I will be sore. I feel good, almost like a noodle (or maybe SpƤtzli).

Yeah, this is going to sting. Next time out I will try to go the same distance but more consistently.


My name is Aaron, and I am mildly depressed. Perhaps that isn't shocking, but it's not something to which I readily admit.

I've spent hours and hours of my life making apologies for me, generally for things that did not hurt or offend anyone. Seems counterproductive.

I've assumed that everyone secretly despises me, but pretends to like me to avoid conflict. Seems unlikely.

I thought nobody could see through my 'fun guy' act. I know that isn't true.

The solution? Time. Pills are not for me, and neither is going to a complete stranger to be told how I feel.

I think a lot of our problems are rooted in living in a way that does not reflect our principles. I feel like I could be much better if I tried more. I've spent my life without putting much effort into anything, and anyone who has an intellect does himself a disservice by not using it. I'm going to learn how to do new things. An active mind is a happier life.

Of course it's okay to feel upset from time to time, but it's best if it be for a concrete reason. Right now I can't think of a good one. I am capable, fun and beloved. Things will be fine.