I canna stop swinging at ghosts.


Yeeeeeargh! So bored, no money, need a roof. There are places where I can test generic drugs, but people with real jobs are not given many opportunities. Why can't I sit around having my blood drawn? This is horseshit.


Go away, rain! Not only do I have a roof leak, I want to use the trails! My dog gets antsy if she is not regularly walked for at least an hour. This is pretty easy where I live, as we have a pretty nice network of paved bike trails. When the railways left, we were left with all this old track, and someone got the idea to pave them over so they had a purpose. Unfortunately it is raining, so I have SOMEONE staring at me constantly for entertainment.

My house is a wreck. Maybe I ought to clean it. I cannot wait for my government $$$ to come in.