I finally bought a new bed. I've been hemming and hawing about it for months, and my back finally had enough. This time I went with a Memory Foam® number. I slept on one at a hotel and really liked it. It was a bit hot, but I enjoyed not hearing springs moving about. I also like the idea of a bed fitting into a box. This is a funny concept to me.


I was on the way to the gym tonight because I read that exercise helps with digestion. In my inner monologue I think 'you need to admit this is all a result of anxiety'. Just like that I had a giant shit-eating grin. Am I all the way gone, or is this positive? I do know my arm is sore.



Can't wait to get back my tax refund - I'll be getting exactly $6304. Much of it will be used for home repairs, but I will also use some to get my happy self flown to the 'deen this August. This is hopefully enough of a warning so that people who want to avoid me can change their plans. I promise to shower daily.


Not up the junction


So I purchased several 'learn a language' packs from the bookshop. I am on the second lesson of 'Learn German'. I can't wait to hear how I sound with the vocabulary of a 3 year-old German. I'm not sure why I'm trying to learn several languages. Perhaps I need a more challenging life.


Why I love Canada

It's a country people like me run.


Bored. Upset. Crusty. Would be hostile if it made a difference. I'm not smart; why does normal life make me angry?


Lousy sinus infection. I am dizzy.