'It doesn't make me un-American to say I'd rather live in Paris than places where cheese only comes in individually-wrapped slices'. - Bill Maher


Love and basketball

Basketball became my sporting obsession a couple years ago - it's a much more interesting, nuanced game than American football and significantly more exciting than baseball. It's also a paradox: it's the preferred sport of very bright people (one team is run by an MIT statistician) and very dumb people (one player brought several handguns into his locker room and is looking at time).

Anyhoo, I like to focus on the 'bright' part. I just finished a 700-page book about basketball and gained a great deal of insight about a player I used to mock, Bill Walton. The Mountain Man was just too much of a hippie for me. I get him now, and love his approach to basketball and life: can you make the choice that your happiness can come from someone else's success?

Very succinctly put. I like it as an ideal, especially because it will always be a challenge for someone of my enormous selfishitude (not a word).

My body hurts in a good way.


How does one get writers' block talking about himself? Yikes. I need friends.


Dead on Arrival

...my life. Christ I am bored.

I've thought of going to San Francisco since I first went there 20 years ago. This is very odd, as I despise the rest of the state of California. I also don't like the west coast, as any time I'd like to travel I have to go much further than if I lived in the East (I have little interest in touring Asia). However, every time I go I feel very much at home. I even have friends who live there. I actually have more friends/family in the western US than I do here. Even my mom moved out there. It's odd.

It seems like I've run out of things to do here. All people do in this area is drink. I like to drink and all, but I don't have to do it 24/7. I'm also sick of driving. This sounds really bad, but I am doubly sick of the all-pervading religiosity of many in the area. Am I really trying to run from loud Christians? I guess I am.



I like lifting weights. I don't like the day after lifting weights. My legs feel like spag bol. Tonight during 'Jersey Shore' (not that I was watching that show, I just know when it's on. heh heh...) I rode the stationary bike as is my custom. Damn is that no fun the day after doing copious squats and leg presses. On the plus side, I am much less nervous. I really don't think I have 'anxiety' so much as my body went on strike due to poor conditions. I am now rid of dairy and sugar, which is something my insides seem to like. Dairy is really unhealthy. I am a vapid man.



This carrot is tasty

My uncle's a chiropractor and has this little doohicky that can do a cursory 'scan' for health problems. Here's his take on my anxiety disorder, summarised: 'hey Aaron, you eat like shit, breathe poorly and drink too much soda. Do breathing exercises, eat better and stop drinking soda. See if that helps'.

Aaron: 'yes sir'.

Aaron's brain: 'this is humiliating'.


As those who know how I dress can attest, I have a pretty strong 'cheap' streak. This has meant an unpleasant winter inside my house. I keep the thermostat pretty low, even when it's well below freezing. My old-timey metal windows have not been a help, which is unfortunate because I love their look. Next winter will be easier. I bought a house this year because of a generous guvmint tax credit (cheap) and will be using the windfall to buy insulated siding and new windows. Energy-efficient windows and siding qualify for yet another tax credit (SO CHEAP!). The only problem is what sort of siding to get, or whether to have the wood restored. I was keen on restoring, but having to go stain that every few years in addition to losing the insulation benefits has curbed my enthusiasm. Besides, insulated siding has come a long way.

I'm very lucky to have bought in a real neighbourhood - mine is the only house that does not scream 'post-WWII housing boom'. This means Permastone siding, gold brick, red roofs... gorgeous. I'd like to do some fake Permastone, I think. Right now this style is the clubhouse leader:

I love early 50s! If only they'd not already done the interior in a 'modern' (aka dull) style. I'm considering a faux-brick wall similar to the outside for the living room, maybe with one of these clocks: