Hypochondria, or 'Aaron is a lunatic'

Anyone ever deal with this? I have become obsessed with perceived problems and am thinking about getting a shrink. Intellectually I know that I get dizzy sometimes and can be a butterfingers because of a pinched nerve, but I have to fight myself from thinking it's Lou Gehrig's Disease.

It seems counterintuitive to call a doctor to deal with hypochondria, though. I'll get over that. It took until today to get over the embarrassment. Yeah, I have mental problems. I'm okay with that.


The other day I was making copies and this guy from an adjacent office whom I don't really like walks up and says 'what's goin' on, Mini-Me?'. I can take 'short' jokes if:

1. they're funny, and

2. I like the person telling them.

This clown fails on both points. He's the kind of guy who thinks using the term 'raghead' is okay. I had a rather scathing retort at the ready, but didn't see the point.


Lookin' lame, 101

So I look like a moron now. I have back problems that are caused in part by my very flat feet. To correct this problem I've been seeing a chiropractor (my cousin, who does a great job and doesn't charge me), losing weight and now wearing shoes designed for people with flat feet. The problem? Shoes for people with flat feet are HIDEOUS! Look at the monstrosities I am currently wearing:

'Hi, girls! I'm 28 years old and still wear sneakers!'

Yeesh. The problem is that the non-sneaker variety is either even lamer or double the price. Maybe I can spraypaint these for the time being.




Vacation, all I ever wanted...

In which of these East Coast icons will Aaron get his head stuck? It's anyone's guess.
Less than a month. Come on, holidays!