So for the first time ever, I purchased a television. I have an addiction to professional basketball and comedy films that is sated much more cheaply at home than away. It felt odd in a way, relegating my barely working set that is older than dirt to secondary status, something to be used in the garage I am turning into a game room. It's odd the way people view certain possessions, as though their age or condition were a reflection of the owner. I dress shabbily, but am generally hygienic. What does that say? Am I overthinking the simple purchase of a TV set due to my snotty dislike of 95% of programming? Of course I am.



I researched flight costs for a trip to the 'Deen next summer (I was invited, and even if it were an accident they can't take it back! HA!), and they're astronomical. Even a flight from Chicago to London (the #2 and #3 busiest airports in the world) is near $1000. Craziness. Last time I went out I got round-trip from home to Dublin for $500. Hopefully I don't have to hitchhike around the UK...


Thank you, Tetris

The swine at Delta Airlines charge a fee of $25 each way to check a bag, but carry-on luggage is free. This sort of challenge intrigues me. Can I pack for a one-week trip using only a carry-on bag? I have a Berghaus sack that is perfect for the job. It'll just take some creative packing to get my necessary items to come along for free. For a week trip I'd take at least 4 pairs of trousers... might need to take fewer. I might just make a list. I will not pay for my baggage on principle.


Since 1 Aug I have lost 40 lb/22 kg to better sleep. Please be happy. I am.

Decent song...

The guy who has the drink thrown in his face is my cousin. Bastard got the looks AND talent! Well, at least I got the, uh... dammit.


WHY did Barack Obama get the Nobel Peace Prize? Doesn't that require some sort of action or accompishment? Let him do something first.
I should probably stop saying outrageous things just to get a rise out of people. It amuses me, but it gives people a bad impression of who I am. I'm going to shoot for meaning 50% of the things I say.


Videos I like

I did this at a web forum that I am quite sick of, so I'll transfer it here. Opine away.


The one time a good US city goes for the Olympics...

Fine! We didn't want your stupid Olympics anyway, jerks. Rio and their abundant cocaine/crime/filth look sure to win now.

EDIT: and it's official. come 2016, we will find out why South America have never held an Olympics.


WHY did I go to the tavern until 2.30 this morning? Yoiks...