It's been walk and run day for me. I'm finally over this throat foolishness and have been using my newfound ability to breathe. It still feels weird to breathe; I have to think about it sometimes. I took the dog on an hour and a half walk on my excellent local bike paths, and just went to the gym to watch NFL football and pound away at one of those cardio machines. I only got in half an hour of that, but it's a start. My metabolism seems to have doubled since the surgery - I finally have the Manton metabolism that makes almost all the rest of my family slim with little effort. I've dropped about 14 kilos (30 lbs) since surgery, AND I'm not hungry all the time! I used to get shit from people about how much I eat. It's nice to not have that 'must eat' thing going 24/7.
I hate that I'm the target of my best lines.


In MY day...

This was one of the Third Wave's very few triumphs.


I think I was 14 when this came out. I was pretty heavy into Second Wave (Madness, the Specials, etc.) and I guess I still am. I felt like an anachronism not being able to get into the 'new' ska music, but it was not that great. As usual, California ruined everything. Save Ferris? Whatever.


Philly cheesesteaks: how to order


How to Order a Cheesesteak:

Cheesesteak consumption has its own etiquette. When ordering, there are two critical questions to answer: First, what kind of cheese do you want? (Whiz? Provolone? American?) Second, do you want onions? (“Whiz wit?”) The correct way to respond is “Wit” for “Yes, I would like Whiz and onions,” or “Widout” for “No, just the cheese.” Then, ask for any other toppings or condiments you desire. Be forewarned: Lines are long, patience is tested, and if you don’t have your order and money ready to go, you might be sent to the back of the queue.

One whiz with (I refuse to say 'wit'):

nomnomnomnomnom... it looks gross, but SO happy!



I'm going to try to go back to work tomorrow. I'm off through Friday, but I'm bored and dead-set on eating normal food. Apparently the Brits have their tonsillectomy patients eat normally from the outset and their recoveries are shorter. I'm eating regular food now and am just dealing with the fact that it can feel like I'm swallowing a chain. I'm bad like that [looks sternly and points a finger outward]. Also, getting rid of the crud with scratchy food makes it easier to drink water. YAY slough!


SO close!

After Day 2: http://isitliveorshake.livejournal.com/data/phonepost/1294.mp3
Just now: http://isitliveorshake.livejournal.com/data/phonepost/1589.mp3

I feel almost good enough to come back to work, but for a dull soreness that still requires the dope for swallowing.



Surgery time! For everyone who has forgotten my lovely voice, here it is:


I'll be recording snippets while I heal as well as afterwards. I'm curious to see if my voice will change beyond hopefully not having to clear my throat all the time.


good thing I work for the guvmint

I went out Thursday and stayed out WAAAAAYYYYY too late. I stumbled into the house and passed out around 5. I woke up at 10.40. Problem: work started at 8. Our work rules are pretty good - call in within 2 hours of your shift starting and there is no problem. However, it was 40 min. past that time when I called... sweet. The boss was cool about it over the phone, wishing me good luck on my surgery and that she'd see me in 2 weeks. I know I pissed her off, though. Luckily, I know nothing's going to happen at my job, but Christ is that a sad state of affairs that I couldn't keep it together for the last day I'd be in for a couple of weeks. Maybe all the depressants I've been draining aren't good for the anxiety-prone piece of shit I've been lately.