It's 2009, right?

So nasty I won't show the picture here:

hold your nose

These are the people with whom I am to reason? Fuck that.



I have to sign up for a language course! I remember things I studied 10 years ago and need to improve! I was understanding much of a German home design magazine I was perusing for ideas. I will use the two weeks I have to brush up on my French and start learning Spanish, I think. I feel like I'm not using my somewhat decent language ability.

I work too much - 75+ hours last week and still did things on the house. This will end soon, however. I now have carpeting and a lot of trim work has been done. This week I just have to paint 2 ceilings and get the trim for the windows and doors ready to install. It's getting close!

Auf wiedersehen... pets.



I'm convinced sugar is making me a nervous wreck. In this vein, my 10 kilos of basmati (don't ask) and 5 packages of pasta (good ol' Costco!) are going to the food pantry and will be replaced by (yuck!) brown rice and other more foodlike substances. Essentially I'm going to eat like I have attention deficit disorder, which I kinda do.

Tomorrow I put new covers over the basement windows, as the old ones allow water into the window wells. Joy.

Positive: moving. I am going to have the chance to review EVERY ITEM I OWN and decide whether I need it or not. It's a good way to trim the fat.


So I had a panic attack. Apparently I was hyperventilating to where blood did not get to my extremities. I thought I was having heart trouble. The CPAP machine is a source of anxiety I will wager, due to the fact I seem to remove it every night without knowing. Maybe I'll go a night without it and see how i do. I'll bet activity on the new house (learning and such) will be a benefit.


Covered in paint, but halfway there.

I painted one of the bedrooms today - amateurs such as myself take a while to finish a room. I definitely learned the value of roughing in the borders and filling in the rest. On the plus side I didn't run out of paint and the walls appear to be covered. I'll go tomorrow and fill in anything I missed before I start on the other room. After that it's wait on the installation of carpet and trim! The kitchen is pretty much ready to go, which is nice. Once it's all finished I can move in! Window coverings will be a must (creepy neighbours).

This will be the first time I've owned a dishwasher. I will not miss the chore of cleaning dishes, nor will I miss the less than stellar job human hands do at said task. Now I just need to raid resale shops in order to have enough dishes for a full load - using a full load every time is good for everyone, including my conscience. I feel like a yuppie.