I've been melancholy lately. I think it can be chalked up to bad habits. Working two job and getting a house in order is pretty time-consuming. When I have a moment alone, I eat garbage and lie around. Once I am moved fully I can get back in order - it'll be nice to be able to organise my kitchen my way - my roommate does not cook often and the kitchen is used mostly as storage. This means that I don't cook very often as there is too little room. I am tired of buying meals.


Stupid TV... be more funny!

So my coworker says she had a bad dream about her roof caving and her house flooding, because 'I was watching "Two and a Half Men" last night and Charlie almost drowned'. I think some people might watch a weensy teensy bit TOO MUCH DAMN TV!

Yikes. Anyway, I need to buy one of the digital TV converter things - there are 4 PBS stations now.


I already hate my neighbour

I haven't even moved into my house yet and my creepy neighbour already knows my name. I used to deliver pizza to her (she never tipped), and she's always seemed really weird. I'll just avoid her like I will avoid all my neighbours. I don't have to talk to any of them if I don't want to. Who walks around in front of their house on Saturday night? Who is her age and lives with her parents? Uggggghhhh....


So I am now an official house-ownin' guy. I will be pissing and moaning about costs for, oh, a very long time to come. I guess I shouldn't complain, as my total debt load isn't even 3 years' salary - they say you should spend about that just on a home. I think that's a lot of money to spend on a box that holds my stuff. I think it's funny that I got my house so cheap that I have a positive net worth by going further into debt. Nice feeling.


Some of you seem to like this little country...

I am indulgent of such things.

I have been working like a dog lately. Thankfully both my jobs are really easy - that day off I have Sunday ought to be nice, though. It'll be my first full day off in about 3 weeks.

Okay, done bitching.



So the wedding is over. Wisconsin was fun, and it was great to see some people I like. I drank a lot the days before the wedding, including a 2-litre glass 'das boot' of Warsteiner. The groom said there was a 0% chance of my killing it on my own, and I showed him. Unfortunately.

The wedding day was pretty fun - the ceremony went according to plan and the dinner was nice. My Best Man speech... sucked beyond belief. It was flat, I was shaky, and the audience didn't seem too into it. I needed to rehearse it more. A few people came up and said it was a good speech, but they were being polite. I had more fun after the speech during the dance party portion. Two of my assclown friends had the DJ play 'It's Raining Men' and exhort the guests to surround the groom and me, who had to come up with an impromptu dance number. This went surprisingly well - John was in good form and we clowned it up appropriately - a couple of people asked who choreographed the number. Uhh....

We enjoyed some cigars, talked loudly, golfed, and were in rare form. It was a fantastic event overall.