I am in the dead zone. I have not yet moved (I don't close on the house until 17 June, then have to do a few little things to get the place move-in ready) and am trying to motivate myself to get in order. I've done a few things, such as put less-used appliances in their boxes. People clown on me for keeping these boxes, but they come in handy.

I have finished draft #1 of my speech, and have realised two things:

1). Keeping it clean is difficult when writing speeches for weddings, and

2). I am not funny.

I've done my best to avoid the clich├ęd 'I was researching how to write a best man's speech, and...', but have not come up with better alternatives. I've got a few nice bits and stories, but it's the tying it all together that is difficult. I HATE being genuine! Can't I just be a cad and a bounder forever? Plenty of great men live this life! Allez Gainsbourg!


My teef burn.

I have already packed up my bed frame and have decided I will purchase a new frame for myself and use the current frame for a guest bed. The months of using this inexpensive frame have warped my mattress and caused me to wake with a numb arm more than once. It's not fun. However, somebody using it for a few days will be safe.

I am finishing up the notes for my Best Man speech and will be doing drafts over the next few days. The challenge is to to say something poignant and memorable in between all the clowning on my friend.

I hate these teeth whitening trays. I wish my dentist weren't booked through June.

Torrential downpours caused some water seepage in my new house. It wasn't that bad considering we got 15" (38cm) of rain over a few days - we don't see that here. All I had were a couple spots where the drain and pumps couldn't quite keep up. It looks like someone poured a glass of water in a few spots near the drains - it's not a big deal, and certainly basement work will be put off for a couple years until I finish the rest of the house. However, it will be done. I don't sell defective homes.


Cursed free market health system! Its 'efficiency' and reduction of moral hazard or some other mumbo-jumbo means I have to put off the surgery I could have already had until July. I need to be able to talk and move around all June. This is bullshit. I guess it could be worse - they could have told me to shove my required surgery. It's just annoying.

Too little going on right now. I need to start packing/lightening my load. Stupid accumulation of useless junk. It never ends!



'The procedure is considered covered if performed in the calendar year 2009'.



I may have my citizenship revoked

I really resent the 'monetize' option now available on Blogger. Why would I exploit the friends I have who read this? I have nothing to sell to you, and I don't need anyone else doing it through my beautiful words.


I put in a $60,000 offer for this house and the listing agent informed me there were multiple offers. As such, I made a 'last and best' offer for the house of $68,000. This morning my realtor called and said the bank countered my original offer for $67,000. Thank you for the free $1000.


-isms are funny. Quote from Friday:

co-worker: I didn't want him - he's short, like Aaron.

[Aaron imagines shitstorm if he were to mention how unspeakably unattractive co-worker is, specifically, er, lack of physical conditioning]

Do people think?

Names are funny

Aaron (Hebrew) - from a high mountain, lofty, exalted

Manton (corrupted Old Danish) - toothless man

To West Virginia!


Frustration, the Sequel

Now I will not be having my tonsillectomy Tuesday. Apparently the doc's office requires a 'pre-determination' from my insurance company or prepayment from me. Since the latter is not happening, I've had to cancel the whole deal. The doc's office manager seemed pretty perturbed by the situation, as their policy is to not even give out a surgery date without money or something in writing. I wish I had known that before getting all fired up to have a painful surgery! Jerks. It's been a comedy of errors all around.