Listening to arcane 60s-70s French pop is frustrating. I understand about 10% of what's going on and end up confused. It's just the occasional word: 'stylo', 'faire', shit like that. Maybe I can spend the recovery time where I am not covered in drool with my 'Learn French' cds. At least I should understand the titles.

'cause I got the 3.2 flu...

After months of wrangling with insurers and my doctor, 5 May 2009 is the day I have the UPP. It's basically going to be a scorched earth procedure: gone will be the tonsils, adenoids, and uvula (the disco ball of my mouth party). While I am apprehensive about the pain that will come with the recovery, I am very excited about being able to breathe. Maybe my thinking and general demeanour won't be that of an elderly, confused person. I lose track of things easily. I hope also to have more energy and be less of a grouch in the morning/depressed weirdo in the evening, but those are ancillary goals. I hope nobody is upset that I may start making sense. Getting rid of this damn CPAP machine will be nice as well. Come on back, girls!

House-hunting is annoying. I should have bought my friend's house when it was available. I like move-in ready.


I've been listening to lotsa Serge Gainsbourg lately. I have mental problems.


A lot of people at my work are remarking at Susan Boyle's singing talent. I heard the exact quote 'it's amazing how beautiful a sound can come from such an ugly woman'. Keep in mind that the speaker in this case is a woman. It's a little insulting. Luciano Pavarotti wasn't exactly a hot piece, but he could belt it. It's not as though Boyle is 'ugly' - maybe she could get some grooming to look more telegenic, but she's not the Elephant Man. Some people. I wish I could sing as good as I look!


My spoiled brethren have taken to the streets over a 4.5% tax rise for persons earning over $250,000 per year. Wow. These same protesters (perhaps 10% were adversely affected by the change) think that trickle-down economics actually works. It made me wonder how these people got rich in the first place, until I really thought about how so many people of far lesser means nearly riot to lower the taxes of the wealthier. PT Barnum was right.


There is no lower form of life than a medical biller. Lie, cheat and steal from sick people to get money for yourself? Pretty sleazy, but I get it. Lie, cheat and steal from sick people to make more money for a group of faceless billionaires? Pathetic.


Apparently a long time ago a Jew zombie freaked out some Italians. This now means I eat free ham and listen to a bunch of nonsense. Why not just give me free ham without the nonsense? I'm not Italian!


Rutabega is a funny word.


I am not getting in enough root vegetables. Swedes, beets, radishes, man am I hungee. Why do I want these dull foods? I have no clue. Rutabegarutabega.



Admit it, you're not always nice.

I am curious about the jabs that people in different cultures throw at one another regarding their background (urban/urbane vs. rural/country). I was shocked to learn that even Luxembourg has a North-South divide (though for the life of me I cannot recall which is the better half - I was pretty drunk when Carole told me this).

My people have a very sophisticated hierarchy, from Lower Manhattan all the way down to Mississippi. It's pretty standard stuff - inbred jokes, illiteracy, lack of shoes, inability to look after oneself...

What are some fun cracks from your people?


Snob, pt II


This is a funny little comic about how the Intergoogle spoils us (imagine having to talk to me on the telephone!), but all I thought was 'it's "Luxembourger", not "Luxembourgian"'. I have a problem.



I've been at a training seminar the past few days. While learning a new skill, I was brought up to try a sample question. I got the answer wrong, and one of my co-workers made a buzzer noise at me. I almost lost it. By 'almost', I really do mean 'almost'. The most polite I could be was to say 'shove it' while faking a smile and laughter. It was the most painfully obvious charade one could imagine. I feel I was in the right for telling her off (what adult mocks someone else for learning?), but know this is somehow going to turn against me as this co-worker has been in our office forever and has our boss' ear. Thankfully there is nothing my boss can do, but I really hope this just goes away, as I do not want to explain why I couldn't hold my tongue.