I'm not the biggest TV advocate, but I adore satellite radio. Perhaps our addictions are more in control than we like to believe. I love having an embarrassment of music channels by which to read, and am very pissy about XM radio charging to use their online service. Apparently my $13/mo. isn't enough. It's not the question of the extra $2/mo., it's the principle. I want satellite radio to succeed, and this means not failing exactly like everyone else. Once Google decide to charge, we'll find somewhere else to go.


I went to the Split Lip Rayfield show tonight. They were the supporting act for some hippie group I didn't like. We left while they played their stuff. Whatever. I miss the old SLR. I am getting old, pining for yesteryear despite knowing my life was lame then... I need perspective.



Google Street View is great, but it just upset me. I showed some people here at work some areas in the 'deen that are near and dear such as the venerable Machar, Hayton Rd, Ferrier Gardens, the part of King Street where my trousers fell down in front of a bus, etc. I was a bit peeved because they seem to have gone right around my house on Hilton! Jerks! I know the statue of me is not yet complete, but that's no reason to snub Fort Awesome. I am writing a letter.


RIP 'beard'

Well, that's over. I kept some nice long sideburns that seem to be doing okay. Good news, girls - now you can see my pretty face again!

The house on which I bid officially fell through, and I am dissociated with my estate agent. She was a dummy anyway. I looked at two properties (of four) yesterday that had promise. I will be putting in an insulting, lowball offer on one that will likely be rejected, and then will make a fair offer on my friend's house. The house I am bidding on first is a bank repo with a 'mold' problem that is remedied with new drywall and a roof repair that will cost whatever one single nail costs. After that I update the home to a nice Scandanavian modern motif and live very happily for a few years until the house is worth twice my investment. Good genes, dad!


I love you, Katy! Well, I did before but I am reiterating... well, you get the point.

I did my very best to leave this great haul unmolested, but I had to have one of the little pies. I love pie, and the British have a way with apples. If there is anything my lovely readership would like from the USA, just say the word. I love to share as well as find what people think of when they think of our cuisine (excepting Mickey D's - puke).

I'm a simple creature in many ways - little foodstuffs are the happiest gift one can get other than photos, and I just got both. I will find a way back, at least to visit, and very soon.

On the housing front, there was a home for which I put in an offer, but there is mucho screwiness going on with it so I am going to forget about it and focus on things here in Illinois. I know the guy who owns one place I am considering, so I'll be in touch with him soon enough. Thank goodness there is a van pool to my job!



This is a crucial time. Many would give up right now, but I am not many people. I look very silly, but have a good feeling the lazy cheek hair is soon to give into the awesomeness. I may end up looking like a lobsterman. That would be great.


Don'tcha hate when you make a comment directed at one person and he's the ONLY one oblivious to it? I'm going to be more direct from now on.


Double book review

Because TV sucks.

Philip Roth, Indignation

I'll cop to being a Roth apologist, so a rave review from me is no shock. Portnoy's Complaint hooked me, and Roth's somewhat consistent theme of challenging the old ways while bearing the consequences of said challenges will get me on board. This was not Roth's best by any means (American Pastoral still holds that title), but it was very enjoyable and very hard to put to the side. I read it in two sittings, forcing myself not to kill it in one. It's a simple setup: Jewish kid from New Jersey is sent to uni in white bread Ohio by a paranoid father (a twist) during the outset of the Korean War. As always, it doesn't work out. Marcus Messner is a little shit who thinks he knows better than everyone and pays dearly for it. He has a yearning for a life that does not exist, complete with an inability to recognise that the shikse for whom he is head over heels is a complete nutcase. Raging against the machine, he alienates the wrong people and learns a harsh lesson about isolating oneself. Recommended.

Jeff Smith, Bone

This one surprised me. I always thought of this comic book (yes, I am a grown man who read a 1350-page comic book) as lighthearted fun, but it was pretty intense. The Bones are a strange, bone-looking people who are kicked out of their home of Boneville and get tragically lost in a valley. This valley undergoes some serious shit involving monsters, dragons and the sort of fighting typical of just about any medieval (?) setup. There was plenty to laugh at, as well as plenty to think about. I found the ending very unsatisfying, however. Also recommended. Hell, I'll recommend just about any sort of reading.


It looks like there's been no progress, but there has been. Blond facial hair just takes time. I asked a guy I met who had a rather large blond beard about how long I need to wait, and he told me to expect a month at the very least. It seems to grow from the bottom up - I am really looking forward to two periods of intense itchiness. We're halfway there, though.


One week.

Here I am at one week. I've got a pretty vigourous neck beard going, and hopefully the blond on the face will grow in soon.

Also, here is Clarice.