Fun time

This photo is me after 5 days of not shaving. I plan to let this go for a month to see what happens. Note that you cannot see anything yet. I will either look awful or really good. Stay tuned.


I'm starting to think there might be a god.

Because somebody knows my weakness and fucked me good. Take someone who hates embarrassment and give him an embarrassing, lifelong health problem. I refuse to take a photo, but this is similar to how I look at night.

Note that the man looks like a terminal cancer patient. I am now a terminal guy-who-looks-like-an-idiot-every-goddamned-night. Forever. There are worse health problems, but I can't think of very many that are more humiliating. 'Hey baby, let's go back to my place and watch me hook up to a vent! I'm 27!'

At least nobody mocks cancer or tells all their friends how sick you look.



The dogs are back! The animal control people picked them up a block from our house and had them over the weekend. The $40 fine was annoying, but I can live with that over the alternatives. My dog is a big jerk.


Missing in action

Tuesday is the big day. The guy from the supply company will come round and show me how to use this awful machine. Hopefully I can talk him into letting me use the cloth mask, which I think will be much better than the plastic variety. Boo to plastic.

My dog ran off Friday. Between me and my roommate we have been unable to find either of our dogs. Hopefully they are in someone's custody who is waiting for animal control to reopen tomorrow. I'm very worried about this. When the dog comes back home, she will not be allowed in the yard without a leash. I have no clue why these dogs must jump the fence, but it will end.

I looked at some houses today, and they were just awful. Why don't people put a minimum of effort into presenting a home? Don't they want money?


Somebody ate half a big salad full of bad mushrooms. Tomorrow will be a challenge.

The second sleep study was last night. They hooked me right up to the machine (which is SILENT, thank god), and apparently I slept well. I was roused at 5 am and didn't have an awful headache. I was up a few times during the night due to the discomfort of the mask, however. Hopefully this fades away, or I will have to raise a fuss and get the sinus surgery. What I don't get is how this machine that costs $1000/month for my insurance to rent is a better option than the surgery that costs them $2000 one time. My insurance requires I at least try this machine, and hopefully it isn't just a big waste of time. I see myself subconsciously ripping off the mask at night, which is a shame because I do like the improved breathing. Whatevs.

I've decided to kick-start some ketosis this week. Hopefully this works well. You'd better be pulling for me!


This week Claricey will learn to catch the frisbee. I am currently feeding her from a frisbee so she thinks it's her bowl (it's WAY too cold to be in the yard as it is well below freezing and WINDY). This ought to make her want to chase the disc at least. Apparently heelers are really good at catching frisbees, and Clarice is definitely a destructive dog when she is bored. Hopefully time jerking about with the frisbee will keep her happy.


Then one day, she came back...

It's Super Bowl Sunday here in the US o'A, and I am ready to consume hard cider and yell at the idiot box. More importantly, I am ready to go to Best Buy and get a new keyboard. This one has about had it, and it is FILTHY. Apple for some reason thought it would be a good idea to sell computers with keyboards that trap everything imaginable. This is not great for pet owners or people who do not have dining room tables. The one I'm looking at is not only easy to clean, but wireless. That's right, I am boldly stepping into 2003! Next I might try this 'Twitter' everyone's on about.

Just kidding. Twitter is awful.