[photo removed. I couldn't take it]

This defies description. I'm at a loss here.

Why would you tape this?


Buncha wimps

Apparently we're to get a few inches of snow tonight, and people are freaking. This isn't Texas, people! It snows every year! Over half of my co-workers called off in advance of tomorrow's 'blizzard'. I'm pleased; parking will be a cinch, and I won't have to do a lot tomorrow. I'm not using my precious leave time to sit around the house doing nothing when I can go do nothing at work

In more annoying news, I've got another sleep study to do. My understanding is that I'll be hooked up to this awful machine from the outset. I've warmed to the awful machine a bit, in part due to a conversation I had with a selfish person. Apparently he was seeing this guy who had to use one of the machines and made a 'the machine or me' ultimatum. The other guy chose his machine and kicked this dude out of the house. The part that got me was the guy who made his boyfriend choose was offended. The machine is horrid to be sure, but so is asphyxiating in one's sleep (not to mention the snoring!). Were I with a woman who had the machine, I'd prefer it to what I know I sound like when asleep - I've woken myself. It's humiliating to the point where I try to stay awake all night to not be found out whenever I'm away. I never can.


I hate when I do things backwards. Yesterday I trimmed the dog's nails, and unfortunately nicked the quick. Nothing says fun quite like getting a bleeding dog to hold still. Today I went to the pet shop to replace my grooming glove and ran across a dog nail trimmer that can detect the quick. I spent $50 on the damn thing, but nothing is too good for my Clarice. I can't believe I just wrote that, but this really is a godsend for we who own dogs with black nails.

It's snowing!

I need a vacation!



Sleep studies are horrendous. Believe it or not, I was nearly unable to sleep while hooked to a dozen wires. I slept very fitfully, but apparently they did find I had apneas while sleeping - yay not breathing! They're still threatening to put me on a CPAP machine. Nothing like looking like a terminal cancer patient at 27 years old - line up, girls! Sleep with Darth Vader! I think the heart attack might be better. I hope the pulling of the tonsils will be enough to silence this 'put Aaron on a vent like he has lung cancer' talk.


From the d'oh! department

I found out why I had so much trouble starting my car. I'd put my rubber floor mat down where the clutch kept running right into it. Once I moved the mat, the car started without issue. Yay education!


Lousy sinuses. Due to their crumminess I have to avoid things I love, like dairy and wheat products. I can live without milk and bread easily enough, but to live without cheese and beer? That's just cruel. Now I'll have to get by on whisky, whiskey, rum, vodka, wine, gin, Jagermeister, tequila, hard cider, schnapps, and other very fun options. What is awful is how little I can eat when out. Pretzels? Nope. Nachos? No-chos. I guess breathing is worth it, though.

On the 'sleep problems' front, I am having a sleep study done. This will determine scientifically why my snoring can wake up the dead. Unfortunately I already know it's my tonsils. I just have to go through the motions so my insurance will cover their removal. OH BOY!!!



I'm so bourgie. I bought a second, beater car to commute and deliver pizza so my other car does not rack up unnecessary km (as we speak the good car is being detailed within an inch of its life). What's sad is how much fun I have driving the $250 car. The Ramblin' Wreck™ does have a few problems, but they are minor - the clutch has to be muscled entirely down to get the car to start, it is LOUD, and the radio doesn't have a tape deck. Also, the previous owner smoked and would miss the ashtray, it seems. I will need to vacuum the car soon. I don't know what it says about me that I'm more comfortable in a 1989 Toyota Camry that's been wrecked rather than my very sharp late-model Pontiac. I don't think I want to know.


Free verse - I wouldn't charge for this

Ham and beans
ham and beans
taste delicious
where's the hot sauce?


Boing boing sleep zzz...

I've been tired/wired lately. I guess seeing some light at the end of the 'constant fatigue' tunnel is exciting. I have a sleep study on the 18th, which ought to be a blast. After that I hope they can get the procedures scheduled. I want these tonsils gone! I think I'll see an allergist as well, just to see if there's something I can avoid for my sinus health.



My new aluminium water thingy is going to get a lot of use as I prepare myself mentally and physically for my tonsil ordeal. I wish they'd set up an appointment! Tomorrow I go in for a CT scan of my sinuses, which ought to show I have crappy sinuses. However, my breathing has improved markedly since I started rinsing my sinuses nightly. Hopefully this means I dodge having to do anything for them. I read somewhere that staying hydrated lessens the pain of tonsillectomies, so I am drinking at least 3L per day (bonus: I reduce my risk of bladder cancer and will have RADIANT skin. Finally!)


So I went to the ENT yesterday, and have been informed that my tonsils need to be removed. OH BOY!

Same shit, new year.