2009 can't come soon enough

Ugh, glad that's over. X-Mas was its usual mixed bag. I like that friends come home, but don't like the 'reason for the season' in that it presents dozens of opportunities for discussions of religion that I don't want to have. One of them ended with me being handed a book called 'The Case for Faith'. Thankfully I don't expect to see or hear from this person again so I can just not read the book. It's gotten to where I don't like to strike up conversations this time of year. Tonight I went to a wedding and didn't even bother being social because I knew the crowd was mostly churchies. How am I going to sell my very charming brand of sin if an event is all about faith and growth? I guess I'll just chat with these ladies elsewhere.

Also I split my trousers.


Tomorrow is a big day!

In less than 24 hours...


Joy to the world!


So I'm all pre-approved for financing. I find it sad that I have a better credit score at 27 than almost anyone. All I did was pay my bills on time, and I have a score near 800. It's not hard. I'll be able to buy at a rate at or just above 5%, depending on the day. Now I have to scout neighbourhoods, which will mean kickin' it in StL with my clown friends drinking beer. Poor me. That hot tub is within reach. Now I just need some gold chains and a Speedo.


just heard a commercial
which told me
Farmer John smokes his own
now, there's a tough
son of a

'yeah' - C. Bukowski


I need to brush my teeth

I got an e-mail that read 'you just got a new kiss'. Having no idea what this meant, I opened the e-mail to find 'you just got a kiss from DELL JONES!' Well, er, thanks Dell. If I knew who Dell was, I'd be even more elated. I'd be especially elated if I were gay. Weird.


I think my spine will be okay. I've been taking it pretty easy, just using the elliptical machine, which has definitely improved my conditioning. I've added 10 minutes to my maximum already. I think I could have gone the distance, but my baseball knees did not agree.

Banks are being annoying. I tried to start a loan search via lendingtree.com, and they will not even accept applications for loans under $100K. Just because I'm in a low-price area and refuse to break the bank on a home, I am penalised. Ah well. I guess I'll just do the legwork myself. I figured with housing the way it is banks would love a credit-worthy, handsome young man like me.


To most this is common sense

I have never been sensible, however.

Going to the gym after slipping on icy steps that cause one to land on one's tailbone and neck is a BAD idea.

Things are going swimmingly otherwise - the end of society as we know it combined with my excellent credit means I will be able to get a home loan ridiculously cheaply. I need to get on that.