Yay winning $50 playing poker. Boo rent. Also, boo it being a pain to get loan pre-approval. I want my house with hot tub!


I have this urge to pitch my clothing and consciously look odd. It's not even for attention, rather comfort.



Did sarcasm die? I was talking to this gay guy at a party tonight and the topic got to California's gay marriage ban, which was the work of the hateful Mormon church. I remarked that 'if anyone should judge what is sexually deviant and what is a legitimate marriage, it's the Mormons'. Anyone with an IQ over 10 knows I'm not serious. The guy then asks me which cousin I fuck. Apparently this clown thinks I'm a homophobe and that I agree with the Mormons' position. I was of course shocked at his ignorance, but also very hurt that someone would think me a homophobe. I'm a pretty awful person, but I do not hate anyone based on their sexual preference.


This transition from handsome to distinguished and handsome can be a struggle. As my hair has thinned, I've been getting dandruff. I don't like this. Washing one's hair with baking soda is an odd thing to do.


Yes we can!

...get that embarrassing hick out of the White House. I doubt Obama is the next Jesus, but at least he won't be a constant problem. I look forward to a bland, milquetoast 4-8 years.