Book book book book

With all the time I am saving with this new workout routine (Christ I hurt), I have more time to read. The problem? I don't know what to read! I'll follow through on any suggestion so long as it has an English translation.

(Note: anyone who says 'the Bible' can expect a pie in the face the next time we meet)


Nothing beats having already voted. I don't have to care anymore.


Forgetful me...

The profile picture you see is from my trip to SF. Once I remember my Photobucket password, I will post all my photos.

Nothing like energy. As an experiment I have gone vegan since last Monday. I actually feel pretty good, even after my Bratfest 5K run training workout. I'll feel even better once I finish these cigarettes I bought last week and get back to a less cancerous lifestyle. This banana really hits the spot.

This Native American Summer needs to go away so's I can enjoy autumn!


If only...

I have just returned from a friend's wedding in San Francisco. I thought long and hard about just sending for my things and staying. Obviously I cannot do so on a bureaucrat's salary, so this was not to be. I really love The City save the aggressive bums and the fact that it's on the West Coast. I can't be that far from the places I want to holiday - plane tickets become too costly. Very little west of Minnesota interests me in the least.

In a tangentially related vein, I think I will set my home purchase ceiling lower, as my current goal is to eliminate my current debt. I can find mortgages below average rents in this area and will be able to apply the savings as well as all the income from my second job to my outstanding loans. I'd like to be at a positive net worth by age 30. The next few years are gonna SUCK for me. Then again, they would have sucked for me anyway.