Poor Europe

It looks like yours truly will be kicking about for a bit next summer. My fam's renting a place in Ireland for a couple weeks and I'll be doing a side excursion or two while there. The 'Deen is a lock, but I am contemplating a couple days elsewhere, maybe a Ryanair to the Continent.


Photos from Canada trip

'Took long enough, fatty!' you might say. Well, that is just mean.



I think I know why so many people dislike me so much. Tonight I saw the waitress from the last time I dined out with friends. I hadn't seen them in a while and we were yakking for a bit. The waitress came by and asked if we were ready to order. I'd been in space and had not perused the menu, so I rather sheepishly said 'I suppose I should look at the menu'. The delivery had to have been wrong, because she took it as my being an ass to her for doing her job. She then went into 'fuck me? No, fuck you!' mode and was extra-slow with my food. I tipped her well anyway, as service must be horrendous to get under 25% from me. Tonight she'd apologised for being so crap as a waitress, but that bit of honesty helped me immensely. If it hadn't been closing I'd have picked up her next drink.

Being raised by New Yorkers, I'd assumed people took my sarcasm as I intended it. I guess that's why people think I'm so mean. I'm not as funny as i thought.


I beat a field sobriety test tonight. Really not amazing, considering I had all of one beer, consumed 3 hours prior to getting behind the wheel. Still, I feel special.


For those of you who wondered...

I came by my obtuse nature honestly. I'd thought I had left my camera in the rental car when returning from Canada, but it turned out my mother had it the entire time. 'I wondered when you were going to miss it!' Actually I missed it several days ago, but had not been in touch with her! Yeesh.

I am setting up an appointment to view this house. I hope it is as nice as it seems.