Yay shorts and mandals. It's way too hot to encase myself entirely.

Countdown to Canada is on. I leave Friday, and if I thought I could get work I might stay. It's too picturesque!

To Montréal!



My airline had a schedule change for my trip to SF and emailed me a suggested itinerary. The only hitch was that my connecting flight in Cincinnati was to depart an hour before I would get there. Computer error, no big deal. The big deal was trying to explain to the guy why this was a problem. I was near an aneurysm. By this I mean the stupidity of the man on the hotline was causing a blood clot to form in my brain that could have suffocated it and given me a stroke.


in this corner...

Boring! Saving for things can make life kind of dull. Work work work. I've been eating more fruit, thankfully. It gives me energy. I can't wait until my next paycheque, as it will be my first with my new raise. Yay more food.