I am outta shape. I only did 45 minutes of gym work, and I am gassed. On the plus side, there's nowhere to go but up. I like doing total-body work rather than pounding a particular area. The variety holds my interest longer. Sure results come more slowly, but at least I go.

I forgot how tasty V8 is. I'll have to buy some at the Costco. Yay volume.



Yeah, I have problems.

On the Dvorak front, I am slowly but surely improving. This may work yet!

I joined my new gym finally - paid and everything. I succeeded in not hitting on the girl showing me the gym' though it was tempting. I hate being 'that guy'.



a new challenge.

Tonight I switched the keys on my Mac to the Dvorak setup. This setup is supposed to speed typing because it puts the most commonly-used letters in a convenient spot. So far it has been confusing. However, I can see how this could be faster with practice. Man is this awkward now, though.



This is why you don't smack a rock on your ankle.

Beyond this, things are decent. My formality of an interview is in one week. As long as I don't really screw up in the next week, this thing is in the bag. The $3200/year pay rise is lookin' good, Looking even better is the bump of another $4000 I'll get if I go a year without being terrible. Being barely competent is awesome. It keeps me ahead of most of my competition.


Not recommended

Stepping on a rock used to decorate a pathway and having it hit your ankle. It hurts!


Damn decadent Western capitalism

I've been working as much as possible for the past few months, and it sucks. I try to look on the positive side, that I'll likely be out of this situation in about a year, but damn is it tough sometimes. It just gets boring. There's so much I want to do, like go on a real vacation. Blecch. I'll be fine.


...sweet grapes?

It's good times for me, as I am now all but guaranteed a promotional position for which I applied. It's bad times for one of our temporary workers, a woman who could really use the job and its health insurance/pension/etc. Unfortunately as an 'outside' applicant it can be difficult to make a selection list. I was fortunate to apply as a current government employee. I am happy for the rise in pay and more challenging job, but it's hard to look across at someone who was denied. At this point barring a shocking turn of events I do a token job interview and land the position. The worst part? I don't care about the job itself - I just want an up in my pay grade so I can more easily transfer overseas. Unfortunately I can't just hand over the job should it come through.

I've been looking at geothermal energy for whatever home I buy. It's costlier up front, but as I will likely have to replace whatever system I get anyway, it just rolls into the mortgage and is an awesome selling feature. I'd likely be gutting the house down to the plumbing, perhaps a beauty like this:

...so I would save a lot of space and effort with a geothermal that can heat the water as well as the home. Guvmint also loads the prospective greenie homeowner guy with tax incentives, so it's bonus all round. I can't wait for December!