You know Levi's 550 jeans? The ones old guys wear with moccasins? I found a pair in my size at Goodwill tonight (rare you'll find a 29" inseam). Anyway, the damnedest thing: I look GOOD in them. I'm the one person in history who can wear these damn things. Everyone else looks like a reject from 1993.


I want a Vespa. I like being cheesy. I wish I lived somewhere where a Vespa was practical, but here in 'The Lou' there's just not a dense enough population to warrant owning one. I'd need to be able to use it as a regular commuter/daily runner. If I lived in the city I could use one, but in the areas I'm contemplating you're just as well off sticking with the bicycle. Bikes are cool, but just not as cool as scooters.

Damn I got bourgie in my old age. The old me would be kicking my ass, what with refusing to buy a new TV or converter box before TV goes digital next year. I just don't see the point of paying for TV when I can watch 'This Old House' on the Intergoogle for free. It's the same thing as buying books - li-berry's just up the street. I'm becoming a really crappy consumer.

Line up, girls!

'When I was a kid, a Snapper... was a pussy! Now you cut the lawn with it?!!!' - George Carlin (1937-2008)


If you pray, pray for me

Ever been humiliated by empathy? I was at the pharmacy tonight purchasing Tuck's Medicated Pads and the lady ringing up the purchase loudly says 'Tuck's, huh? Yeah, I've been there'. I would have been more comfortable buying condoms.

Today is Day 1 completed of my quest to quit eating fast food. I'm on Day 4 of no beef (hormones and such), and feel okay. Fast food is convenient when you work 2 jobs, but I think I can get by with proper planning. I'll save a bundle, which will help pay for the trips I just booked. In August, yours truly will be hitting Saint John, New Brunswick Canada for 5 glorious days, and will be enjoying San Francisco in the fall for my friend's wedding. I love both areas, and am really looking forward to seeing New England and the Maritimes again. This time I will go on the Reversing Falls. SF will be fun as well - my friends and I will be ducking out to Sonoma and its wonderful vineyards. A friend of my uncle's produces out there, so I will advertise: www.homewoodwinery.com. The port is pretty good.

Today was Father's Day in America, and I gave my stepdad a bike. It's used, but he just uses a bike (mine at present) to commute. I think it's funny an auto mechanic rides a bicycle to work. I'm looking forward to getting my bike back, as once my embarrassing health problem goes away I can start lifting weights again. I think it's weird to drive to the gym when it's in town. I used to live a 15-min. drive from the gym, so I had to drive. I am looking forward to being able to hit it again. Along with my big reduction in kcal consumption, I will be fit and happy. Look out, area amateur athletes!


The mysteries of life

Why is something as disgusting as shooting water up my nose so damn good? I have been cleaning my sinuses twice daily via squeeze bottle and salt water and have felt great. I breathe from both nostrils and do not wake up gasping for breath anymore. This is great!


I love economic collapse. I'm currently up to here (points to chin) with paying $200 a month in fuel costs just to get to and from work. In that vein, I'm looking at ways to move closer to my job, where I can take the bus (my employer reimburses public transit costs for commuters). I was originally looking at places to rent, but with the housing market the way it is find it markedly cheaper to just buy. It's a good time - there is an area of St. Louis that was being pretty heavily gentrified - huge old brick homes with very nice 'guts' available for a song that can be turned into showplaces worth 10X the original investment. Here's an example:


I, however, would be getting something like this:


$50000 is not a lot for a house. I heart potential!


I am scared

Lately I have not been infuriated by anything, rather merely annoyed and able to shrug off the constant barrage of insults that is my life. Those who know me know me as an extremely angry, hateful person. I mean, the original name of this weblog was about my need to be happier. What's happening?