Photo gallery (or, silly crap I photoged with my new camera):


The real fun was taking a car over a bump at dangerous speeds. Thankfully, there is no video evidence of that wink wink.


Well, turns out I'm only one of four kids. The new sister turned out not to be from the old man. Ah well. At least she got an answer.

I'm currently taking a break from writing KSA (short for 'Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities') statements for a promotional opportunity. In the guvmint, every promotion is considered a new position and must be opened to competitive hiring. This means I have to beat a computer's keyword search as well as the eyes of Human Resources staff in Leavenworth, Kansas who will select the candidates available to interview for the position. This means I have to spell. everything. out. at. length. It's much harder than writing to someone you assume has half a brain. I'm sure the HR staff in Leavenworth is perfectly capable, but I don't like to take risks when money is involved.

I wish we were corrupt like US states and the private sector. I'd have this job already!


Growing up looks fun.


Going from fils unique to being one of five kids is odd. I just wrote back to the first of we five (possibly six, but long story) about basically who I am and what I do. It's hard to define yourself to a complete stranger, y'know? How many different ways can you say 'I lead a trite and meaningless existence'?

Money sucks. I do currently carry a $0 credit card balance (down from $6875 in July), but now am living on rice and beans until my next payday, where I shunt the money off to loans and rent. Good times! It'll get better next month, having the Visa monkey off my back.

In awesome news for our environment, I finally dragged out my old indoor drying rack, eliminating the need for costly dryer usage. Now if I can get hold of a clothesline for the backyard to add the warmth of the sun to my clothes. The nice part of living in a trashy city is there are no regulations against clotheslines.

You read that right: there are areas that ban the use of clotheslines. Seriously. Clotheslines.