Progress sucks

I am covered in bumps and cuts. Apparently we're no longer capable of producing a razor with fewer than 70 blades. I didn't know people used razors to shave dogs exclusively. I actually have to troll the Intergoogle for a razor with a mere two blades. I don't grow enough facial hair to warrant a 4-blade razor. If I did, I'd just have a beard! This hurts!


Screwin' around at work

What a fun day. My whole day's work as well as a side project I came up with myself, all completed by 13.00. As such, I have an open afternoon to do nothing. Well, technically I should busy myself helping others, but my supervisors are both out of the office. Besides, I carried everyone's water over the entire winter; one afternoon of indolence isn't bad. I may look for transfer opportunities on the government website, as I would like to relocate when I get my year in. I'm thinking Britain. The excruciating temps around here lately have only made me more insistent on moving.


Sunday Sunday... not a lot happens on Sunday. I feel like I need to find a job that is only on Sundays so I have something to do. I get bored around the house as I am not a psychotic cleaner and only do enough to keep the place looking decent.

I love waste, I went to the resale shop and found brand-new clothing from yuppie shops for a tenth of the retail cost. The only part that sucks is that, due to my lack of height I must have the jeans I bought shortened. Tis a small price to pay for being handsome, though.


One part water + two parts Bowmore = happy. I never got people who couldn't drink whisky. They just weren't getting the measure right, I guess. That or they were drinking terribly boring Irish whiskeys. I respect my heritage and all, but the Irish def. are a beer people. Jameson, Middleton et al are okay, but they're just too refined. Most bourbon has the opposite problem and is a hair on your chest proposition. This is not to say I won't drain some Irish or American whiskey, but that given my choice I'd even have Grouse over Jack. It's that happy, agreeable medium that is Scotch whisky. It canna be matched.



Nothing refreshes quite like a can of malt liquor after cleaning around the house and completely forgetting to go to a friend's graduate opera recital (oops...). I remembered at about the time the recital was to start and thought it wiser to not show up late. Knowing my luck I'd fall down and make a big scene, ruining the whole thing. Heh...

Operation: pay Visa immediately has left me very poor for the next few weeks (note that I am currently enjoying malt liquor), but on the plus side that bastard piece of plastic has a date with the freezer as of 2 May. I'd cut it in two, but emergencies happen and I'm going to pound my student loan next. Debt and poverty combined suck.

I've sort of enjoyed bachin' it while my roommate's been in Jamaica. Not enough to move back to that dump I used to call home, but enough that I'll def. be getting my own place when I can afford to do so. This may be a while as my gym membership just came up and I need to decide if I'm going to stick with the current gym or find a new place, one closer to the house. There's one in town that's open 24/7, but I'm going to wait until this weekend for my friend the ex-trainer to look at it. Speaking of this weekend...

my friend Jon is back from Italy! He joined the Navy a while back and has been stationed overseas for some time... lucky bastard. I finally get to meet his wife. He met this girl while in Seattle and got hitched pretty quickly.
Military guys seem to do that frequently.


Yay well-off elders

Apparently I am being required to go to Ireland. My uncle and aunt as well as the folks are cashing in a bunch of those condo club points and will be reserving a house in Eire for some time, the plan being for others to be able to come and go on a rotating basis. What I like is that I'm just a skip from the 'Deen via Ryanair... heh heh heh...




I'm actually being given money. It's pretty great being on schedule financially. In addition to Uncle Sucker giving me $500, I got all my money back from my tooth extraction. Never mind that it's ridiculous I had to front any money in the first place, I'm happy to see it back in my life.

I think it's funny that the really cheap grocery stores have pretty much the exact same food as the supermarkets, only cheaper. An apple is an apple until you become a giant ponce like me, spending $3/lb (@ $7/kilo) for a certain variety of apple. The only part that sucked was standing behind the impossibly obese woman with children paying with her Link card* The fact she needs a card wasn't the problem, it was that she was buying hot dogs, chicken nuggets, that weird ground beef that is about half filler meat, white bread, Cheetos(R), etc. I saw no fruit or vegetables, not even milk or cheese. We were on food stamps for about a year when I was little, but I distinctly remember us having fruit and veg on hand at all times. Sure it was bananas, tomatoes, apples and other cheap shit, but we had it. This lady has KIDS. Maybe it's the paternal figure in me, but might we not be better off going back to commodities? Just drop off some bread, cheese, dried milk and such? This woman was at least 250 and looked malnourished. The real shame was the obnoxious way she treated the employee who was helping her. I wanted to say something, but knew it wouldn't help.

*the Link card is a debit card we use instead of food stamps.