One day I'm going to figure out how the toolbar on Blogger (tm) switched to Spanish.

I've been dealing with a sinus infection the past few days. It's been... fun. Yeah, fun. The antibiotics took days to even get due to not having a doctor and the first 48 hours featured my eyes hurting from the pressure. On the plus side, it's been mostly coughing today and hopefully even less tomorrow. I can't wait to be able to sleep all night! That'll be the first time in, well, years.

I also can't wait to lift weights again. I've been trying to get back, but face pain tends to dampen spirits. I've been able to get away from the fizz for almost 2 weeks now, and I think I am ready to kick my drive-thru habit. Cooking for one sucks, but I need to save the bucks for vacations and other responsible purchases.

Is it time to not vote for a mainstream candidate yet?


I am currently having another go at banishing sugary soft drinks from my life. The sugar and other crap is addictive and unhealthy, esp. in the mass quantities (over 2litres a day) I had it. The first few days, predictably, were HELL. I had an easier time giving up smoking, an activity I very much prefer. The very rare cig I do have nowadays is enjoyed like nothing else in life for me (well, almost nothing).

So all the bragging I did about having an easy government job is all for naught; a coworker is getting the boot and I will be taking over. You have to suck pretty hard to be fired from the government, but he's not cut out for this job. I'm almost entirely caught up with the workload that had been on his desk for weeks, and I'm a lazy guy. I guess by government standards I'm an ace because I show up and do stuff. That's kind of sad, as I joined the gummint in part to have an easy time of it. Where did all this cursed pride come from?


Dough is for bread

I don't like the roundness of my face. It's a bad feeling. Also, I was too fat to fit into some awesome crap I found at Goodwill, including a pair of Levi's 501s, the only jeans I have ever liked. Odd tip for shopping: go to skeezy areas and try their resale shops. For some reason, the clothing is often nicer. Probably it has something to do with bad priorities. Unfortunately the only term I know for this phenomenon is incredibly racist.


Post 201: A New Hope

Ahh, nothing like a warmish spring day after the strange late-season slushfest that was last week. Early spring is great around these parts, with a nice dose of jacket weather and rain. It's a perfect clime for me.

For the curious, here is a photo of my new automobile:

You will note that it has wheels and doors. I like that it makes me look respectable, unlike the last car, which made me look like a guy whose car burned on the side of the road.

Ah, cleanliness. I just shaved with a real razor for the first time in months. I am smooth and masculine. That electric razor thing was not cutting it (pun not intended).


Post #200 - the next one is free!

Look at all this crap:

In my defence, the bed is stripped because I am washing the sheets. This is only about 3/4 of my shit. Here's some more, along with a flattering shot of Clarice:

That was as close as I could get to her looking at me. She's a wimp.

I finally have a real government job. We now have an abundance of workers and my workload is to the point where I do all of my job and train one of the new girls in half a day. The new people are doing very well, which is awesome for me. I plan to spend the summer looking for new positions. If I get lucky, one or two will open up in my division so the ease can continue. I can't move to the really well-paying and rewarding stuff without a move of at least a pay grade. I might as well leave this area completely free of debt.

I can't WAIT for my tax refund to come in, speaking of debts...


Spleen.... EMPTY!

These late-season snowfalls are really something. Over the weekend the weather was Aberdeen-summerish (aka ideal), and today we had hours of snowfall. Predictably, everyone went insane. On the plus side, I was one of maybe 10 people in the supermarket. I was at my leisure to compare the 800 varieties of everything that isn't what I want. Is it really so hard for Star-Kist, Bumblebee, or other domestic tuna packagers to give me tuna packed in olive oil? The stuff in vegetable oil is gross. The only option was some Italian import costing a mere 5 times the other options. I can add my own olive oil for that kind of markup. On the plus side, they had Pink Lady apples and the Asian pear. I've wanted to try an Asian pear for a while now. They're supposed to be pretty good.

It's good being halfway moved in. Most of what remains back in Marine is stuff I'm donating to the Goodwill; come to think of it, there will likely be some of the crap I'm looking at right now joining said items. I hate having too much shit. My roomie swears she's going to have a yard sale this spring, but that sounds like a lot of work when I can go give this crap away and feel self-superior.

Good news! I've dropped 5 kilos without really trying! I'm closer to the goal of fitting in clothes I already own. What sucks is I'm sort of in between things right now, so I'm wearing my old fat guy attire and looking like I stole my wardrobe from my father.

The past few weeks have hammered home the relationship between health and mood. I've been pretty content the last few days since my mouth has stopped hurting. I've been a grouch for years now, and I think part of it had to do with having a headache all the time. Losing the horizontal teeth has definitely eased my head. I certainly won't turn into a sweetheart, but I like to think I'll be less irritable.


Lazy Sunday

Today I did very little. It was awesome. I went and got some boxes from the old house, did my taxes online, and threw out a rug. On the plus side, I'm getting $600 back! $300 more to come in election-year bribe I mean stimulus package! WHOO!!! Little do these chumps know I'll be using this cash to pay debts, not to waste on useless consumer purchases like they would like me to. I just made a rather large consumer purchase, thank you.

I really should have gone to the supermarket. Oh well, that's what Tuesdays are for.

Good news for those who care: I went and got some batteries for my camera, so I'll be snapping lots of stuff once I can find the ^*#* charger.