From the fall... my mother in a stolen wheelchair. What a proud son I am.


Hard to believe the photo of that handsome fellow hiding behind the bumper sticker was taken over 3 years ago. Where do the time and hair go? I was just thinking about this earlier when I felt the need to shop at places like Eddie Bauer (by this I mean look out for EB clothing at the resale shop). Eddie Bauer is some of the blandest clothing available: crewneck jumpers, khaki trousers with convenient zippered pockets, sensible footwear.

Maybe I'll shave tomorrow. Probably not.


This photo screamed for a caption

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George Bush, pining for a simpler time in America.


Stupid wisdom teeth

My mouth is very sore. The surgery itself was very awesome, as I was extremely doped upthe whole time. They even pumped me full of laughing gas before spraying the numbing solution that preceded the drip that went into my hand. I'm told they injected some novacaine into my mouth to perform the extraction, but damned if I can remember. I could hear the drill and felt the slightest tingle during the surgery, but it was really nothing. Now I'm Chubby the Chipmunk, which was a lot of fun when car shopping today ('I wud reawwy wike a caw wif a sunwoof'). I think I found the model I want, but am waiting for a more suitable version to be brought from another dealer. The one I test-drove did not have anti-lock brakes and had the 6-cylinder engine rather than the four. The one I'm looking at does not have remote-control start, but I think I can have that installed for far less than the $3000 price difference between the two (it's a nice feature when the weather is well below freezing). It's a bit bigger than I was looking for, but since the fuel economy difference between small and midsize cars is all but nonexistent here (insane), I'll take the comfort.



Sorry for causing concern, but I've been really busy of late. I've moved to a new house, one with fancy things like appliances that work. I'm also 20 minutes closer to my job, which is pretty nice. In addition, I'm shopping for a new car. I've decided to just grin and bear having to make loan payments, as cars I could buy in cash are just terrible.

There's not a lot else going on other than an intense need for a real holiday. My passport has gathered dust. I just need to figure out where I should go.


Halfway ill

Yuck. I can feel it coming. What's worse is I'm going for a surgery consult tomorrow (aka 'yep, you need those teeth removed - $60 please'). That'll be fun.