Damn lack of planning. I actually went out having to wear sneakers tonight. I looked like a douchebag.


Should I buy a house?

I hate big decisions. I know that I'd be happier were I able to live closer to all the things I do, but on the other hand I don't know if I want to blow the cash. Either way, I'll need to buy something I can rent out should I move.


Right-wing radio

Hilarious. More power to the hosts themselves for getting paid and all, but these people have acolytes. 'Mexicans bad, shooting Mexicans good. Brains! More brains!' What I love is that, to a person, every righty radio creep lives in the very places they decry, ie New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Nothing like defending flyover country from 5th Ave.



Previous post? Just kidding

My car caught fire on the way home tonight. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. The car, however, is dead.


god I'm cheap

I'm considering keeping my elderly car on the road rather than upgrading, just to save the bucks. I just can't part with thousands of dollars for the 'privilege' of doing something I hate.