Beyond pathetic.

This is sad. It's a SANDWICH, people! Why are people so damn upset when there's a change in a burger joint's menu, even if it is a joke? The exchange should go something like this:

Customer: I'd like a Whopper®, please.
Worker: We no longer sell the Whopper®
Customer: Well that sucks. Eh, just give me the BK Big Fish®

I'd hate to see these people in a real crisis.


Ah, another X-Mas in the books without being called on my complete lack of religion. It was pretty sweet; I got some moneys and books. I really like the calendar my stepdad's mother made with old photos. It's very fancy. The money has already been spent, what with old debt and new need for a new car. On the plus side, I am one of five people to have a smaller credit balance at the end of Dec. than at the beginning. It feels nice, like a positive change. A few more months of bum life and I'm there.


Car shopping woes.

Why is every semi-affordable car made to give one the feeling of driving a fish tank? I want a car that drives like a car.


Please write me when I'm in the gulag.


What a bunch of nonsense. Why don't these assholes just make Christianity the official government religion and be done with it? It's obvious that non-Christians don't matter to our leaders, otherwise this stupidity would not be made into law. Why can't they do something useful like rename airports?


The only thing better than your car crapping out on Interstate 255 is sitting around some hick town because you can't in good conscience expose your mom's car to drunks.





'Carlos' - 1995-2007

Boo. My car died on the exit ramp this morning. I had to push the car off the road and walk the rest of the way. Luckily, it's not that far and the car was nice enough to die somewhere convenient. It's already safe in the shop's parking lot. It's not too disastrous; I was going to buy a new car anyway. Hopefully I can get the car running for cheap so I can get some trade-in value for it. Let it be the dealer's problem.


Thank goodness for variations. I much prefer the 'goblet squat' to the standard variety - I can bend deeper and don't feel as awkward. It was pretty important for me to get in tonight, as I want to supplement my recent weight loss with more dough-burning mass. I've had a few positive comments, all unsolicited. Now I just need them to come from available women and not older coworkers (though I appreciate that attention as well).

I love not eating dairy. My breathing is better than it has been since I didn't live so close to this foul, stinking river.

Also, for those not 'in the know', Ron Paul is absolutely, positively, certifiably insane.


TV and the people who watch it suck.

It's really bizarre to me that our nation is so up in arms about a strike by TV and film writers. 'Dur, without TV, ah'd has to talk to m'family, y'all! Ah done uses the TVbox t'ignores muh family! BOO Y'ALL!' I find this odd because any time useful people who do real work go on strike, the best we give is a yawn, if not outright hostility. 'Dur, them lazy farmhands ought done goes back to work and stop their bitchin' about wantin' insurance or workman's comp from when the bossman raped 'em, y'all! BOO Y'ALL!' It's super odd because it seems like people will watch the shitty reality television being broadcast in its place. 'Ah done sure hopes that Kevin loses enough weight to stay on the ranch, y'all! Ah hates that Tyrone! BOO Y'ALL!!!!!'

Boo, you all, indeed.

Words fail me.


boring boring boring

Blecch I am old. Payday was yesterday, and I'm just hanging out at the house. Then again, I just paid down a lot of bills, so I guess this is better. This is esp. true because I need to secure funding to replace the current Aaronmobile. I also have to yell at someone...