When is a home not a home?

I went to a wedding in Chicago over the weekend, and saw a lot of friends. It was pretty great. On the drive home, I realised just how little there is left for me here. Everyone's gone, even my mother. It's an empty feeling, to say the least.


Giuliani Tells Obama 'You're No Reagan'

Now I'm definitely backing Obama. Fuck Reagan.


'Duh' headline

'Man accused of raping toddler arrested'.

Well Jesus Christ I would hope so! Only 'hanged by the ears' would be more appropriate.


Gonna be sore tomorrow...

It's a good sore, though. I finally motivated myself back into the gym, and picked up right where I left off. I'm kinda sore already, which def. means I got some work in. It's not quite as fun now that the guy I used to lift with moved away, but I'll get by with variety. I needed to get back into something, as I've felt pretty sluggish recently. Hopefully I become more energetic and less mopey.


I am now like a billionaire

My insurance card came in. Now I am like all those wealthy billionaires who get access to fancy stuff like hospitals and prescriptions. Now I won't die due to a callous, ignorant public that hates its most vulnerable!


Since these fools refuse to sell this here bed anymore, I'm 'a make it myself. It shouldn't be difficult. Lessee, giant slab of wood, some feet... done. The tough part is getting the wood looking all fancy.

hair-raising, er falling

Balding is funny. My hair is giving me a sneak preview of the future via a very well-defined 'part' on each side of my head that connects at the crown. I can trace the line and see what I'll look like in 10 years. Pretty hilarious. Sexy, but hilarious.


Important, important stuff.

I don't like ham. Seriously. I keep forgetting this - I'll buy ham every once in a while thinking 'hey, ham! I haven't had ham in a while!' Then I have some of the ham, and I remember why I don't get it regularly. Come to think of it, there's really not a lot of the pig I like all that much. I could do without sausage, bacon and the like pretty easily. I have sausage like twice a year, because I don't eat big breakfasts. I've whittled breakfast down to a protein shake and some fruit. I feel better when I keep it light.

This week I'm 'a start lifting weights again. I took a few weeks due to an injury and the whole funeral business, but am now really ready to get back into it. I'll start back easy and then kick it into gear later on. Now for beer!


Good idea - bad idea.

I should probably not go out drinking tonight, as I have stuff to do tomorrow.

But I'm going to anyway. I'm off Monday, so screw it.


Farewell, my brother - you're off to that big wake in the sky

This is more for my own memory than anything else. I yammered something to this effect at Chris' funeral today, and apparently it was a lot better than I thought it would be.

In the summer of 1994, I was making a cool $25 a week watching a 9 year-old boy at my house. We did the usual 'kids on summer break' stuff, like eating too much candy and watching 'Magnum: PI'. Like any good older cousin, I used to pick on Chris, throwing him around like on the WWF TV shows. One day I was about to bodyslam him on the sofa, and he just randomly yells 'I HAVE ASTHMA!!!' Well, what could I do? I dropped him and kneeled to the ground in laughter. As we all know, Chris loved a good running joke, and that was ours for years. I remember the first time I saw him at the hospital when he got sick, and the first thing I heard out of his mouth was 'I HAVE CANCER!!!' That told me what I wanted to hear: he was going to be fine. I believed it. I looked for a very long time to find some words of wisdom, and the best I could find was a line from a song:

'You can only be a victim if you admit defeat'.

This guy, my brother... well, cousin, but you know what I mean - he was no victim.

I'd dwelled on what I'd say for days, but never got around to writing it down. I'm glad I hadn't, as this said what I wanted to say much better than I could have planned.

So long to my little cousin - the hurt is over.