Tonight my cousin died of cancer. He'd been hooked up to machines keeping him artificially alive while the doctors tried to pump in radiation, to no avail. He was a model cancer patient, never ever showing the slightest hint of weakness, in fact daring the disease to beat him. In the end, cancer never stood a chance of beating him. He never quit, and forced the cancer to come get him.

Mourning is a strange thing. At the hospital there were of course many tears shed, and yours truly felt like a monster for not tearing up. We all have our outlets for grief, and mine was always a need for silent alone time often coupled with bad sleeping habits. I'll be napping a lot.


Yee haw.

So I am livin' the Jamaican Dream, with 2 jobs (cultural note: in the US, Jamaican immigrants are famous for having, like 8 jobs at a time). Man it's boring. It's easy and I spend next to nothing, but it is boring and tiring. On the plus side, it's not like I do much on weekdays, anyway.

I've been eating a lot of yoghurt lately, which is a pretty strange thing to just 'pick up'. I think my inner Aaron is trying to get me to eat better. It seems about right; in my family we tend to slim down pretty considerably in our late 20s and beyond. I could use the help, because I know I eat way too much starch.

Tomorrow I get to go buy my new work threads, as the office is a bit more casual than I expected. This is awesome because it means I don't have to buy different stuff for work. I am happy. So happy, in fact that I smiled a bit.



So I did my first day onna job. It was boring government work. On the plus side, it is really, really EASY boring government work. On the double-plus side, after a year I'm pretty transferable. Your boy is already scoping out the opportunities overseas. It are travel time! To Reykjavik!


In a mere 7.75 hours...

My new job starts.

Shower time!


Discretion is the better part of valour

My head hurts. Decision-making is a bitch.


Me a few years back

Why do I keep my hair so short these days? This is awesome.



I read a headline this morning that read 'Bush advisors favor current war strategy'. That's their opinion I guess, but could somebody, you know, tell ME what this strategy is? Right now it just looks like 'kill and wound young men and women'.


Recommended reading:


Sometimes there's just too much genius for one person to handle. This is the result. Bobby's gone so insane it's funny.


Calling all Appleites, aka people with computers that don't suck.

If you have a cat, the program for you is Catnip, available at kisonecat.com/software/cat-nip/. It'll shut down the keyboard if it detects cat typing. It actually works!


The long weekend

This weekend was pretty busy, as my friends married on Saturday. I served as usher, and for the most part things went alright. I say 'for the most part' because I took the groom's grandmother to the wrong row. I thought nobody would notice, except that during the ceremony the bride and groom present flowers to their parents and grandparents. There was some confusion, but I don't think anybody outside the wedding party noticed.

The reception was pretty fun, especially the open bar. Aaron + free drinks = glacial. There *may* have been some dancing, I'm told.
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