I love this photo

In completely unrelated news, I really need to trim the hair on my neck. I have a serious case of 'Collinsville neck' going on.



That US government will hire anybody!



No more Hut for me.

I found this odd: last week I went to Pizza Hut, having not eaten any of that greasy stuff in like 5 years. I went in to pick the food up, and was shocked to find that I was the slimmest person in the place. This is bizarre, as I'm a fat bastard. I took the hint and will not be visiting that place again for many, many, many years.



...is a sham. Sometimes you're just a loser.


Jaffa cakes


...I think I'm okay now.



I had a job interview today, and the interview was just that. I didn't make any huge mistakes like asking about salary/personal benefits or talking crap about past employers, but I felt the whole process was a bit dry. It was 3 people alternating questions off a sheet, so I guess that's just part of the game. I feel okay about my prospects, as there are 3 positions and it seems like only a morning of interviews. We'll see.



I just found today what happened to my favourite local restaurant critic - she moved home and has a super-feminist weblog. That doesn't help me find good restaurants at all.



I played some Nite Tennis this evening, which I haven't done in years. I forgot how much I liked playing tennis, despite the fact that I am not good at all. I won all of one game in the two sets we played. Ach well, we weren't playing for money or anything. I figure once I get the time I'll sign up for some adult lessons and become proficient enough to play in a rec league for short guys or something. I want to be good enough to justify the purchase of a headband.

On another positive note, I paid another $100 toward my debt. I'm well ahead of schedule, $150 away from the goal I set for the end of this month. I've set a new goal, one that is slightly loftier. It's all about goals and recognising that at this point in my life I don't have anything worth blowing money on (that comes after a couple more months at the gym, wink wink).


Aaron Manton: 'Influences'

Target stores have begun selling a series of albums called 'Influences', where musicians choose songs that guided their tastes and careers. I thought it was a pretty neat idea, despite not being terribly concerned what songs inspired Avril Lavigne. Cute, cute girl, but not exactly Kate Bush. Anyway, I think I'm going to make up my own track listing that explains me. I have yet to learn the drums like I've been planning, but music inspires and influences much more than just music. Bret Easton Ellis would still be working on Less Than Zero without music. I feel sleepy and lazy right now, so the project will be put on hold until I feel snobby.

Yay for me!

In the past month, I've knocked off 15% of my credit card debt accumulated when I was only working 2 days a week. Even better, I'll be able to come up with another 5% or so within the week. It'll be gone by X-Mas. PS - everyone's getting homemade shit this year. PPS - sign up for homemade shit by sending me a mailing address. PPPS - I promise nothing with regards to quality or usability, but I will spell your name correctly.


Any time, any place, anywhere, any dayeee!

As part of their 'healthy eating' front, the McDonald's Corp. sell a 'fruit and yogurt parfait', which is (yes, really) fruit mixed with yoghurt. I just made something superior in my own home using the exact same ingredients. What is sad is that people will fork over the exorbitant price charged at Mickey D's. That puzzles me - the tools required for making one of those things are a bowl and a spoon - if you're not too picky about your hands, you can even forego the spoon. It's much less possible to replicate a McDonald's burger in the kitchen (thank god), but to be unable to mix fruit and yoghurt? C'mon!