Sweet, sweet pumice.

Gobbling fruit and veg all day got me in a productive mood. I've been clearing stuff up; I cleaned up my desk area, cleaned Gilbert's area, organised a closet, and am about halfway through a good bathroom scrubdown. All I have to do tomorrow is mop the floor and do the tub. It had been a while since I'd done anything other than a cursory wipedown of the surfaces, so the little pumice stick I keep around was a real help. After I get my leg workout on, I'll come back here to finish up the john and mow the grass. I wish I had time to go get Kenny's chainsaw and do the yard stuff that I sorely need to do, but Homecoming begins Friday night. My aunt and her kids are in from Memphis, and beer is free at the tent (Uncle Bobby runs the beer tent). How can I miss a chance to drink 10-12 warm beers a 2 minute walk from home?


Oh joy of joys!

Remember the veg bag scheme? I may have beaten it. I now get produce from a local stand for NOTHING! I got a box full of stuff that for whatever reason the owner did not want to put out on display. It's perfectly good, but it has blemishes that yuppies and snobs are apparently too good for. I be not proud. Delicious, delicious produce. I got so much of it I'm giving half of it away.



These internet sites are pushy. Just try to find a quote for a service where they don't ask for your name and phone number. That defeats the entire purpose, which is to avoid pushy salespeople bothering me. I despise salespeople in all their deceptive, wicked forms. Why should I have to deal with them to get a simple price quote? I sometimes think about the first thing I would do were I emperor of Earth, and at times like this it would be banning the use of salespeople.



The dog got a bath today:

Gilbert is covered in cornstarch. Once nature takes its course, I'll have clean pets.


Gettin' organic with Wal-Mart

There was an ad on where some lady touts the benefits of Wal-Mart organic clothing. Apparently if all 180 million Wal-Mart fools buy pajama pants, there would one million fewer lbs. of pesticides in the environment. It got me thinking: imagine if NOBODY bought shit from Trash-Mart! We'd save BILLIONS!


Hooray for the scumlife

So today I got a free rice cooker from some guy who was going to throw it out. This dipshit didn't know where the people who bought it for him got it, so he was going to throw it out. It was brand new, in box. I asked the guy if I could have it and he gave it to me. This rice is perfect.


Could you be the one?

I think I've figured me out. Surprise, surprise it involves a comparison with a seminal rock band. Surprise surprise again, it's Hüsker Dü, whom I have been listening to waaaaayyyyy too much recently.


There's one of their videos.

The conclusion I came to is that I have a future similar to that of bassist Greg Norton, who did not really care about being in the group. He was more interested in food, with a dream of opening up a restaurant. He finally did so in the 90s - the award-winning Norton's Restaurant in Wisconsin, just outside the super great city of Minneapolis - after the group broke up. It didn't help that Grant Hart and Bob Mould (writer of 'The Daily Show's' theme song, 'Dog on Fire') could not stand one another. Somewhere from this dysfunctional group I picked up a lesson: what you're good at may not be what you love, but it can get you to where you want to be. I think it's time for me to play my metaphorical bass guitar in order to get to my metaphorical restaurant. In other words, it's time to sideline 'the dream' until it's accessible. Sure I'll hate my job and coworkers more than I could ever describe, but I can get away from them at 5. 35 year-old Aaron will be a happy guy because 25 year-old Aaron laid the groundwork.


It's not funny anymore

Oh Hüsker Dü, how do you know exactly what to sing even 15 years after breaking up?

I would love one of those window air conditioners right about now. It's so hot I wake up several times during the night. It doesn't help that furry types like to jump on me while I'm trying to sleep. They often increase the temperature rather than reduce it.

My friend is coming in from San Francisco. I haven't seen him in over a year, so it'll be good to catch up. He seems to be having a pretty good time of it in SF. I'm tempted to go somewhere like that, if only it weren't on the west coast. For whatever reason the SF area is filled to the brim with granola types, the sort that make the natural lifestyle a little scary.

- 'Hey Aaron! We're going to eat free-range bacon and listen to Widespread Panic! Wanna come?'

- No! Stop that!

I'm definitely down with the organic/free range thing, but I resent the trappings of the 'scene'. I don't want to be a hippie, at least in the way that it's been defined. It's just not for me. The east coast is a bit more subdued, where I can be the more moderate fellow that I am. If I want to wear clean trousers and listen to loud, short music I should be able to without being branded the enemy.


I hate cardio work.

Seriously. Is there anything worse than running? It's painful and boring, even with the iPod cranking out sweet noise. I tried to run this morning, and felt horrendous at the end. Usually when doing something like that I feel ready for anything. Today I just felt like jumping into a pool face-down. Maybe I could take up something fun like tennis or drumming, but I'd have to find others to do it with me. With everyone's schedules and real jobs that can be difficult.


Vermont secession

Awesome. I'd totally migrate.


Also, without VT, we're even more outnumbered by the hicks.



'Watch' between :55 and 1:10 - something missing? HA!


So after 3 months, I finally got a new desk chair. I'd been using a paint bucket because I have adamantly refused to buy a chair (buying stuff sucks). Finally I got a free one or 4. The place I work at replaced their chairs, and the old ones were free for the taking. I took 4, and if there are still more tonight I'll have one or two more. Now I have chairs for the dinner table I don't use! I love owning a station wagon.


That's entertainment

Flicked through the channels tonight, and there was a show that had a segment dedicated to celebrities picking their noses, along with a tune written just for the occasion. What half-wit watches this?


Beats Nick Carter

The big local news the past few days was that Tim Robbins was going to be in town shooting a scene for his latest film. Tonight I was out and I get a message that Tim was at a local bar playing the guitar. I polish off my beer and head up to the place. Sure enough, there he was jamming with the house band. He seemed to be having a good time, and was doing pretty well. After the show ended, my friends and I went to our local haunt. Tim decided to go up as well, popping in on an open mike night. The place stayed open an hour past close while he did some songs, some of which were original numbers. The guy does a pretty good cover of Steve Earle's 'Christmas in Washington'. Hopefully my friends come through with the photos in the coming days.


damn city

Apparently my not mowing the lawn for a while creates a 'nuisance'. A guy tries to save some fuel and his busybody neighbours bitch to the damn city about it. Maybe there are more important things than whether my lawn looks like a carpet. I despise suburbia, with its petty bourgeois bullshit.

Leivur would be so pissed.

I only got 2/5 of the Tennent's Faroe Islands football quiz.

Anyone know how to get hold of Mr. Langaard (I hope i spelled that correctly)?



Lousy Internets. I've got a day and a half to fill out an app. for a job, and I've just now found how to do so without writing by hand (my handwriting is dreck) or finding a typewriter. I'm going to look like a slob who does things at the last moment. I AM a slob who does things at the last moment, but I would prefer prospective employers not know this.

Tomorrow is arm day. Oy...


Well screw you too, pork farmers!

I heard an ad today from some pork producers' association telling me I could create the next great masterpiece by following a recipe on their website. These hopes were later dashed when the announcer said the only remaining trace of this masterpiece would be a look of satisfaction on my husband's face. Well, good to see that I'm not welcome! Some of us like to cook food, even though we don't have a man to please! I don't have a woman either, but that is due to my APPEARANCE, not my gender or sexual preference! It's 2007, pork lobby!


Bad news...

Now that I can put up photos, I'll be posting them. You'll wish I didn't figger this out!

Well, I may have cracked it.

Why not the internet want photos of Aaron?

I'm beginning to think there's a conspiracy. I have had no luck putting photos on this site, so I thought I'd set something up on deviantart.com - nothing special, just stuff I think is funny or interesting enough to photograph. Anyway, this picky-as-hell website won't let me have an avatar photo unless it's exactly 50x50 pixels. Dear god why? Where's the easy website for the everyday goof trying to chronicle his bizarre life? It ain't fair, I tell ye!


Sometimes it's the simple joys that give us the greatest satisfaction, things like giving the dog some peanut butter.