How many 'ses' in 'innocent'?

Grammar's weird. So is electric grilling. I broke out the ol' electric grill tonight for some rainy day food bbq-ing with a friend. What I forgot is that the grill is efficient and easy to use, so the food was pretty much done before we finished a single beer. Where's the fun in that? My guest and I were enjoying some quickly-prepared foodstuffs without the requisite screwing around to kill time that real grilling provides. I might just save this beauty for the dead of winter and break out the Weber on the porch. Blecch to efficient cooking. I'm trying to get rid of beer, and I only get so many guests (drinking alone at home is a no-no for me - I just think it's weird).

I'm currently halfway done with cleaning my breeseway of clutter I amassed while remodeling. Soon it will be a nice, nearly empty corridor, which is just the way I like it. It'll be a cinch to clean, and I'll be less likely to kick a saw heading toward the bathroom in the morning again. Ow.


I make a pretty awesome smoothie. I picked up a blender the other day at a garage sale for $5 and just used it to make one of those health smoothies people seem to happily shell out $4 for. I think I spent about 75¢. Even better, it's a couple servings of fruit! Who knew ice, frozen fruit, yoghurt and bananas would blend so well? I mean besides the people making millions off of the idea. I'm beginning to turn on the entire idea of foodservice. Someone get me to a decent BBQ place!


Hey raid the SPAR!!!

So I'm on Version 1 of a 'stuff to do or at least start by 30' list, a project suggested by this guy called ren. It's currently a few big things that are not at all that silly 'climb a mountain' sort of crap; it's mostly life track stuff I've just got to get in one place to keep myself thinking forward. I've always felt that the personal challenges like running with the bulls, whatever are sort of cliché and not really for me. I have written down several holiday spots I plan to visit as sort of reward for accomplishing things (look out, Scandanavia!), and will fit in a few silly challenges along with smaller trips (look out, Montréal!) along the way. I think that way makes more sense, as I think mountain climbing is scary and running with the bulls encourages mindless cruelty. The list will overgo revisions as I age, esp. as I could realistically knock down 3 of my goals within a year. I'd like to keep going.

Speaking of continuing, I am going to be sore tomorrow. I'm starting to look forward to pummeling myself with weights. Sick!


I like this strip a lot.


ah, silly gadgets....

I was over at the folks' house last night and finally found my apple slicer. What a great thing that is. It's much easier to enjoy and share apple goodness when they're cut into 8 core-free slices. I split one with a coworker today and it really helped us pass the time. Memorial Day is a less than busy time. I was able to find a set of storage drawers, however. Someone pitched a plastic drawer set that had some random stuff in it. I think the reason they threw the thing out was because it was missing a caster. I took the other three off and now have a lightweight set of drawers without wheels. Big loss. I gave the art supplies to a coworker who has younger kids and have decided to keep the tennis ball for the dog and shower curtain for me. I have no earthly idea what I'm going to do with these Christmas ornaments, however. Jeez, reading this 'blog I look like a garbageman or something.


In honour of Memorial Day...

A bitter take on modern service life. A few days ago my friend got back from the Air Force base after a doctor's appointment. He asked me, 'what do you call the person who graduated last in his class in medical school?' Being familiar with the old saw, I told him 'doctor'. His response: 'you call him doctor, but I have to call him Captain'. Awesome.

Jesus loves this .gif

...and by 'Jesus', I obviously mean 'Aaron'.



There's a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was

Actually it's a desktop. I was happily mixing up a cup of terrible instant coffee and spilled a spoon of it onto the keyboard. This thing is filthy. I need to get one of those rubber keyboard covers sometime. This thing is a magnet for cat hair, mostly because Gilbert thinks it's his daybed.

I don't want to go to my stupid job tonight.


It's hot.

I'm boiling here. One day I'll be back up north where I belong. This high temp/humidity thing is made for people who like sweating. I'd rather shiver. If I were in Minnesota or New England, I'd ride my bike everywhere.



Could everyone stop making bombs?!!! Ever since a kid I didn't like in school got caught making bombs at home, I've been wary. Homemade bombs only escalate violence; ask Israelis and Palestinians.



I feel I need to be bitter today


Christ. I am not one of those super-eco Shared Planet types (though I envy such discipline), but could we face up to SOMETHING? At the very least, admit the health effects unchecked industrial pollution has. I live in the #17 most polluted county in America (home to some of our biggest refineries, #3 steel producer and a lot of farms) and feel like crap a lot of the time. When I lived in Aberdeen, an oil capital, I felt great. 2 + 2 ≠ 5, people.


Fun with franglais

Passed a KFC today, and the sign advertised the 'Boneless Variety Meal', a box with various processed fried chicken products. The sign read:


Well, at least they're not lying.


Film and event reviews

Spider-Man 3: Good schlock, easy to digest and funny as usual. The story and dialogue are nothing to write home about, but the actors seem to genuinely enjoy what they do despite the limitations of comic book storylines. 3 awesomes out of 5.

Dropping a chair on my toe: painful, unpleasant, and sudden. Not recommended. 0 awesomes out of 5.

Is it even worth it?

My ultimate dream is to be a prof in American Studies overseas. I adored being the 'black hat' in a foreign land, because I thought I was ultimately charming enough to get some sort of understanding for some of my people's odd behaviour. I tried, even while wondering myself at the eccentricities of some (imagine thousands of Stephen Harpers - AAH!). Are there just things I can't explain? I know I've been silly myself, doing rude things like season food French people have made for me. Does my ability to burrow into hearts translate into minds? I can explain much about my folk, but is there a line between acceptance and understanding I can't reach? Am I being paranoid?


The next person who calls me a sexist...

...due to my not backing Hillary Clinton gets it. For the last time, I oppose Hillary because she is a Republican in disguise, not because she is a woman. Were I French, I'd have voted for Mlle. Royal a couple weeks ago. As I am American, I do not have the option of a lefty female candidate. Jeez!


We are all god's children...

Great song. I've been on a Kinks kick here lately for whatever reason. It's amazing the positive feeling one can draw from a song about the possibilities that God/gods/whatever present man, even though I myself am not religious at all. These sorts of messages challenge my very dry view of human nature, the spirit and whatnot. However, I do cop to being easily moved by song. Even a silly song like The Leather Uppers' 'Sexy Time' changes thought. I'm not into high fashion, but can imagine myself 'looking good in my designer jeans'. Fun times.

Tomorrow is the day my little cousin gets his transfusion. I'm not a doctor, so I don't really know what's going on besides that he donated white blood cells last week and they've done something with them. I'm bringing Chris my old hats so he has some variety. Also, I don't wear them because I look like a dork in hats.

On Friday, I will be meeting my older sister for the first time. For those not familiar, my 'father' was not a moral man, and has a few kids around. My older sis found out who I am through her (our?) younger sister, who knows my cousin. Long story short, she knows who I am now and is coming down from Washington State with her daughter. Should be interesting.


Subverting the web - missing the point?

It's unlikely you'll notice a difference, but this is the first handwritten 'weblog' I've done. A 'blog is supposed to be reflective, and I think putting Mirado Black Warrior™ pencil to paper is a good way to ensure that I take my time. It's easier to keep thoughts personal in one's own hand. When I cared about school, I did every paper by hand (at least until instructors forced word processing). I noticed that I got better comments on handwritten work than work done on computer or typewriter. When I finally get my present in order to create my future, I plan on doing all my PhD work by hand. I read somewhere recently that most people do better writing by hand. It might have something to do with the less intense nature of the page. Too much computer time strains the eyes, which might strain the mind (or something).

Pedantry aside, today was something. I spoke with Mum at length today; she and stepdad might buy his boss out. From what she told me, Kenny would be doing the same work he does now but getting owner's money. That's not a bad thing. My cousin is back in hospital now getting a transfusion of some sort done. Thankfully the State finally got round to giving him the medical card he's entitled to. At the very least it stops the nonstop financial haemmorhaging.

Song: Mr. Pleasant - The Kinks



Nothing is better than getting rid of the superfluous. I have quite a bit less crap right now than a couple days ago. I hope the charity people enjoy cds I put on the computer already, electric stuff, and clothing I don't use. I feel like I could get rid of even more. Simplify, simplify.

Mum's Day is tomorrow. I've got the gift ready to roll, but with Patty in Florida, I can't get it to her. Ach well. She'll get it in time, I suppose.


Tonight only: surly Aaron.





Well, my friend got the job. Anyone in the Seattle area is encouraged to enjoy a refreshing (I assume) Mac and Jack's beer today, to keep him employed. Aaron is jealous. He was offered the job a few minutes after I gave a glowing recommendation as friend and former co-worker. He's been there since last Friday and hooked up full-time work.


Damn you, Keil...

So my friend called me from Seattle today asking if I'd act as a reference for a job he's getting. He's been there maybe a week, and he's close to securing full-time work. Then he drops this one: 'hey, we've got an extra room if you want to come out and look for something'. Yeah thanks, jerk. The guy knows I need money and have no scruples. I don't LIKE the west coast! I want to stay east of the Mississippi! Unfortunately in our lackluster job market, you follow the money. The money is out west and down south. Between the two, I'll take the west, as I'd rather starve to death than live in the south.


It is warm, it is.

It's really hot around here for early May, and I don't like it one bit. Where's my bracing cold? I'd take off to Iceland if I could.

Enough of that. Tomorrow should be a fun day. I'm going to an Honours Lunch at the old uni. I get a free meal for having done well in school. Good to see that degree finally paying off. I also will be dropping a resumé and application off with the County government. If I can't get an interview, I will reevaluate my life. I just got my resumé back (looks great), my old neighbour works in the department, and the head of the department regularly hangs out with my stepfather. Seriously, I should at least get a look.

Drinking after lifting weights.

Wow. I have made smarter decisions. I feel like a cooked noodle.