The back fell off my chair as I leaned back. As you can imagine, this didn't feel great. Ah well. Tomorrow will be my first day of lifting weights again. It's been YEARS, as my physique gives away. I don't really want to think about how I'm going to be stinking up that gym. Hopefully a few weeks and some better eating will improve my performance. I have an empty fridge as of this writing.


Uh oh...

I went to a place that sells chicken wings and other stuff with your choice of sauce, organised by how hot they are. I thought I'd be macho and got some of the hottest variety the place sells. It took some beer to get it all down, but it wasn't bad. However, my stomach disagrees with that assertion. Sleep will be tough tonight.


Boy, the strangest things...

I went and spoke with my old neighbour who works for the government, specifically the authority that deals with traffic tickets, and now they can't seem to find that ridiculous traffic citation I received on Sunday. How very odd... heh.


Apparently stupidity is the only prerequisite for police work.

I went to the hardware store to buy some fuses for the house. The first store I try is closed, so I continue through to parking lot to the store across the street. I think everything's fine until a cop pulls me over for 'avoiding a traffic control device'. The entrance to the store is 100 yards before a stoplight, and he saw me going through the lot. I told him what I was doing, and he then informed me that he's 'heard that shit before'. Anyway, he writes the fucking ticket and tells me that I wasted a lot of time trying to get around a simple stop light. I told him he wasted his time taking the SATs. He didn't like that much.

Anyway, the fuses didn't solve the problem. Half my house still doesn't have power



Yeah, I have it. I went around Facebook tonight, snooping around and seeing what people I went to high school with are doing with themselves. I knew I went to a pretty good school, and here I am looking at employees of Microsoft, Harvard grad students, contractors, lawyers, and myriad other high-quality professions. One of us went to work for Pixar directly after school while attending CalArts - he's also always been great at computer animation. The success of my peers has been my tipping point, to use a Gladwellism. I am going to get my PhD. Having 2 postgrad degrees, I have the choice of either more History or more Public Administration. I'm choosing Public Administration because I'm far more interested in it. Looking back, it seems like I chose History because it came easily to me. I drank my way through all the study.

I took a look at the St. Louis University website re: admission standards for the PhD in Public Policy. I have or can get all the qualifications required save significant public/nonprofit sector experience. The GRE won't be a tough thing, I don't believe, and I can get letters of recommendation rather easily. My profs and I always got along rather well. My fear is having to do even more stats. BLECCH!!! The plan is to do the degree at night while working by day. This way, I can buy a house while St. Louis is so cheap. I'm not moving unless it's out of the country. Unlike most PhDs, the Public Policy degree actually won't impoverish me. I can use it for real jobs with insurance, as well as a little cash cow called 'consulting'. One of my old profs took summers off to do consulting and made as much over the summer as she did teaching the rest of the year. I'm 'a wear out that passport!


I'll waste my own time, thanks!

Potentially humiliating situation avoided today. I was going to take off for a job fair tomorrow, but upon checking the address, I noticed that it was a women's job fair. Crashing that party would have been uncomfortable - if my necktie didn't give me away, the strong neck and receding hairline would have. I'm not an actor the calibre of Robin Williams ('words that have never been used in such an order for $500, Alex'), so I could not have posed as a woman. On the plus side, I have all but one of March's bills paid off already. Good times, goooood times.


Somewhere that's... greeeeeeeeeeen!

I rewatched 'Little Shop of Horrors' tonight. I forgot how awesome that film is. Er, I mean I'm totally manly and would never watch a musical or anything. Okay, I love musicals. I remembered how crummy Miller Genuine Draft is on days under 100º F (38º C), however. That beer is the best outside of Tiger beer when it's unbearably hot outside, but any other time it's swill (for our foreign readers: it tastes sort of like the Miller beer that comes in the 500 ml silver cans - not like European MGD, oddly enough).


Corporate America wandered into the good part of the record shop

Yet another hellish use of good music to sell crap. Just when I thought the AARP's use of 'Everybody's Happy Nowadays' was the bottom, I see The Jam being used to pimp Cadillacs. CADILLACS! That's just wrong.


I was going to recount the tale of two women I overheard talking about the upcoming presidential election, but it's so pathetic and saddening I can't bring myself to sully this otherwise relaxed space with my anger. Needless to say, I took solace in the fact that I do not place value on nationality; otherwise, I'd feel disappointed by these people.


Keeping a cool head, literally and figuratively.

I've saved myself some cash by shaving my own head - not too tough a task, especially due to about half my hair being too thin to put up much of a fight. I like the bald look; it's finally rid of that ridiculous association with white supremacists. Now it's associated with people like Zinedine Zidane and the guy from 'The Shield' (I look more like him than I do Zidane). I just find it easy to manage and appealing to women. Who doesn't like to rub a fuzzy head? Be honest!

I dropped off my application for the animal shelter position, and was certain to drive the app to the headquarters as a 'dry run'. I am awful with directions, so I like to have some familiarity if I'm to be expected somewhere at a certain time. This is a strange flaw for a delivery guy to have, no? There are several other full-time jobs with the org., so maybe they'll pencil me in for something else if I'm not what they're looking for in this particular position.