Yeesh! Day 3 sans cola drinks was even worse. I did have about 3 ounces of soda (90 ml) as part of shots I was offered, but beyond that I was very good. They say the caffeine leaves the system after a few days, so I might be alright tomorrow. Geez, I hope so. Tomorrow is my last chance to take the state exam I need to take, and i need to be firing on all cylinders. I also need to be sure I finish this application for the St. Louis pound job - I love animals, and I love South City. It's a perfect fit.



My head! No, not for the normal reason. I am going through a combined sugar/caffeine withdrawal as I attempt to stop drinking soft drinks. I've replaced sugary sodas with iced tea and water (no snickering), so at least I'm getting a bit of caffeine. It could surely be worse. I always drank quite a bit of soda, adding up to about 600-700 kcal a day or so. Thankfully, the one bane of my soft drink existence is safely in Scotland. Irn-Bru is an evil, addictive beverage.

I've just finished an app for a pretty cool-looking gig running an animal shelter. I think that sounds like a pretty fun job, esp. as its location is where I'd love to buy a house. South St. Louis is a pretty happening place nowadays, and I think Clarice would like me to have a job where I could bring her along to work with me. I doubt an animal shelter would mind my bringing the dog along.



I went to a party and did nothing humiliating or ridiculous, as I normally do. I suck at parties for the most part, but I think I got by without anyone hating me. Sweeeeeeet...


I smell like a cig, but in a good way

I love going to loud music shows. Other than my friend being a total jerk, tonight's Bloody Hollies show was a total success. I bounced around, yelled stuff and me my favourite DJ ever, Kopper of garagepunk.com. If you love loud and grimy, that's where to go. J'adore la musique garage, or something like that.


Aw yeah!

So my mother and stepdad were at Miami Intl., having a quick bite before stepdad jumps on the plane. They notice someone at the restaurant who people are asking for photos and autographs. Mother calls me, gives a quick description, and I identify. As such, I will soon have in my hands the autograph of one Flava Flav!


I once knew a girl named Ronnie Lodge...

More progress today - I hung out around the folks' house, and the cat came out! I was able to get her into my laundry basket and on down to the cat area. She and the other cat are behind closed doors, away from the scary doggies. Everything's in decent shape for the stepdad's return from Miami late tomorrow. I'll just head over to let the dogs out and straighten the house up a little bit before he gets back.

We're having yet another mini snowstorm, which will make working ever so fun. On the plus side, I'll be making some decent money tomorrow, if all goes well. I'll be able to go to the supermarket! Sweet! I have been looking forward to replenishing my supply of Pink Lady apples and unhealthy soft drinks. I have a soft spot for green citrus drinks, particularly Ski®. I like mixing it with my favourite vodka, calling it a Skinlandia®. Well, I thought it clever anyway...



I finally got close to the cat tonight, and besides a few scrapes, she's alright. Her breathing is normal and her ribs feel fine. I can hopefully coax her into the cat area tomorrow rather than keep her in the bedroom.

In better news, I can finally go up to Springfield tomorrow! I'm very enthusiastic because I am awesome at tests. I love answering things and focusing on tasks. This is why I will never accept a leadership role anywhere I go - I know for a fact that I am most useful and happy when I can have my own little corner of the universe. Sure it's a pay cut, but if I wanted money I'd have gone to business school.

Speaking of money, I guess I saved a bit this Valentine's. I need to get my own house in order before invading someone else's again, eh? After working I went out to help a friend drink away her now ex-boyfriend. I did have a couple of shots, but in my defence they were to make sure this girl did not have them and then get waayyyyy too drunk. I'll be happy if I can just have the occasional drinky - def. not going going out to get loaded or anything. Blecch. I figure once I drop a few kilos and get a job, I can try to become attractive again. I got blimpy since leaving Europe, and I am a rather bulldog-like figure in the first place. I'll need to watch my intake more closely.


Scary, scary.

The bad: the snowstorm and messy roads made it impossible for me to get up to Springfield today, and tomorrow doesn't look promising.

The good: being in town means I saved the folks' cat's life. I walked into their house just as one of the dogs snapped and started mauling her. I had to kick the dog in the ribs several times to get her off the cat. Thankfully there wasn't very much blood and it didn't look like she'd lost anything. I can't get near her, so I have the cats locked in the bedroom. Hopefully I can get near her tomorrow to be sure she's not in really bad shape. I have no idea why this happened; the dogs have never jumped the gate in the dog room and have never showed aggression toward anything. The boy dog was completely innocent, and I felt really bad when he cowered while I yelled at the girl.

Hate Paper Doll!

Tomorrow's the big trip up to Springfield to take a bunch of jobby job exams. I wish I had some blank cds so I could listen to my Hüsker Dü songs I, er, bought. Sometimes nothing beats going into the past for just the right songs. It'll be a dull drive, and not a terribly fun one as it's supposed to snow in the morning. Maybe they'll just love me so much I'll get work without going through the formalities. Heh...

I'm also going to try not drinking for a month. For some reason my body's begun violently rejecting booze. This makes me sad, as many a good time in many a good place was aided by sweet, sweet liquor. It might do me well to stop, considering my background, but man is it going to be hard.


Everybody dance now!

I've been in a 'dancy' sort of mood the past couple days. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it probably has to do with the fact that I dance around for no good reason. What sucks is that dance clubs, etc. in the USA SUCK! When my friend came back from China, he talked about how odd their dance clubs were - 'it's like they're just there to dance or something'. I thought this to be very sensible, really. I'm not going to go somewhere with outrageous covers and dress codes requiring me to spend hundreds of dollars a week for the privilege of getting sweaty. I like having a couple too many and doing my admittedly uncoordinated thing out on a floor with other normal people. Club people can be scary.

I went to my regular, not particularly dane club tavern tonight, where my favourite activity is teasing the older woman who works the bar on Fridays. I gave her a cheesy grin while she poured my drink and it overflowed while she giggled at me. Why is it I attract older women? I'm still scared of 'em! Maybe that's it. It's probably my boyish grin. Please do not burst my bubble. It's a happy bubble.


Forms are difficult. Their apparent ease belies a chasm of redundancy that swallows weaker wills such as mine. I've finally completed the application my state requires for open jobs. This means I can drive 200km or so up to the state capitol to take some very easy exams. Done? Not so fast, partner. I have to find work that veterans are not applying for. I'm hopeful, as the type of person who joins the armed forces is likely a bit less office-oriented than I am. I hope. It should be fun. My dream job is with the state lottery - I want to be the guy who goes on TV every night and draws the ping pong balls from the machine. Since the drawing takes place on WGN Chicago, I will be seen across the nation on cable and satellite TV. I think I'll buy a green tuxedo.


Me and you and a dog named... Clarice

It's been very windy here recently, which is a bad combination with temps around 10º F (-12º C). I love the winter, but I've gotten very dry in me old age. Perhaps I'll need to buy thermal garments of some sort. I used to hate those because of their propensity to itch, but I'm confident that Progress® has made the old standby much more wearable than it used to be. I remember growing up and hating tucking those damn long johns into my boots. Now I kinda look forward to it.

My stepdad is taking a strangely long trip to Florida to see my mother - perhaps she's finally picked a city and has found some houses! It's only been 9 months or so... yeesh. I'm sure this will mean me having to help get the houses ready to sell and the cars down to wherever they've decided to go. Yay road trip.

My friend of a friend at the Federal Reserve finally got back in touch with me re: possible employment. This can only be good. i hope. Dear god.