Been in touch with quite a few connections re: gainful employment. The 'fun' of our system is that the only track to work that isn't soul-crushing and deplorable is to milk every contact you can get. I have no idea how we get anything done well when there is little to no emphasis on talent in 90% of our industries. All experience is is having known someone a few years back. It's revolting and anti-meritocratic (is that a word?), but when I get in I'll stop caring. This is why people do internet study at their own peril. The dude who was draining booze with the manager while you were studying? Job's his. This is why I never put much stock in the world of work. It's a joke. What I always loved was something Malcolm Gladwell pointed out: it's usually the friend of a friend rather than the friend who finds work for you. It makes them feel better and more powerful, I guess. It's also easier to leverage favours when the person is not that close. I'm playing that angle at the Federal Reserve right now. I'd like the job my ex-coworker does, esp. the hours. Noon-9 and me in the city works out. I can go to work, go out and have a few, then come home for a full 8 hours' sleep before heading back in. PERFECT!

In other news... nothing. Abso-friggin'-lutely nothing. I work 6 days a week. Yay paying shit down.


[foul-mouthed tirade]

So I'm up to THREE pairs of trousers ruined this week! What is it with me and trousers? If they're not falling down on busy streets, they're ripping and tearing while I walk. I've learned my lesson going to that chintzy resale shop for clothing. From now on, I'm going to the good resale shops! I just can't bring myself to spend that sort of money on clothing, esp. as I'm planning to drop dozens of lbs./kilos in the coming year. I'll be able to fit into the clothing I bought at M&S a few years back. I'm glad I never gave up on me. Day #2 without soft drinks has been miserable. It's so hard to find mixers for my alcoholic bevvies. I'll just have to get used to the less common drinks, or just drink more beer. Maybe it won't be too bad; expanding horizons and all that.


Alfred Ritter, you just made The List!

The fibre list, that is! I do enjoy a passable dark chocolate with hazelnuts (shockingly expensive on their own 'round these parts). However, the darker and in my opinion tastier chocolate has a lot of fibre and other good for you stuff. I'll need to enjoy more of these products when I insist on a bunch of bad for me sugar. I've been trying to eliminate soft drinks from my diet. Here on day #2, I feel very, very deprived. Hopefully decent chocolate, all this fruit, and a liberal dose of calming Bali-Shag and coffee will see me down to a healthier me. Yeah I roll my own smokes; I'm a badass like that. It also helps that I go through maybe 10 cigs a month. My goal is to fit comfortably in foreign airline seats. It will not be easy.

I am in serious need of updating my wardrobe while trying to slim down. Everything I currently fit into is dowdy and worn out. I can't be impressive with worn clothing! I may be fat, but I'm still a man, dammit! This week alone I've ripped the button off two pairs of trousers while putting them on - due to shoddy workmanship, not any comical situation where a button flies around the room. My main concern is with colour and my animals. I would simply buy darker clothing so the dog's very dark hair does not show. However, the cat is mostly white. Good planning, eh? I'll wear medium colours from now on and have the best/worst of both worlds. Hooray!

I need to get back on a sleeping pattern. This being up at 5 shit is not cutting it.



It's a lovely winter wonderland here in Middle America. It's unfortunately also only a matter of time until massive power outages. The power conglomerate has threatened that there will be blackouts across the area for the third or fourth time, depending on where one lives. I'm enjoying electricity for as long as I can do so.

I found the newspaper amusing today, as I often do. Someone wrote a letter to the Opinion section about how we should be thankful for the short power outages we have, because apparently under Kyoto we'd have even more, or something like that. Faulty logic (and the fact that we've accidentally been hitting Kyoto benchmarks due to the sharp decline in manufacturing in the country) aside, it was a gorgeous example of the crap I used to write when I worked for a politician, right down to the stilted, forgettable rhetoric. I used to think this sort of chicanery that I and other politicos pulled was pushing those with a real voice off the editorial page. That all changed when I went to work for a newspaper. Without political employees writing bogus letters and putting donors' names at the bottom, there'd be no letters to the editor! Hell, half the time I sent the letters out in State envelopes.

Enough of that. This is supposed to be a 'happy' space. Happy, happy... well, I'm happy it's just snowing, and I am happy to have seen a man do something ridiculous yesterday. I was at a store when some redneck fellow with a 'Boycott France' bumper sticker (yes, in 2007) rolls into the place and purchases... a Bic lighter. Bee-yootiful.