Quick 'yup, I'm still alive'! 

Things are things; I've got an abundance of tasty fresh eggs, which is always a winner.  I wonder how long I could go eating just meat and eggs before I went insane.

I've got a pretty swell holiday coming up; yours truly is heading to Düsseldorf and Luxembourg!  I'm ready to learn and speak me some German!  I haven't been out of the country in a few years, and my new passport is in the mail.  Can't wait! 


Ah, Spring is springing.  Our winters have become shorter and later, but it's goodbye snow, hello rain.  Diet progress is steady; I'm keeping with the plan, which is all the easier when I can get my gorge on every Saturday.  I've even started taking cod liver oil as a nutrition supplement.  Too bad decent oil is so expensive.  The stuff I use is imported from Norway (it's Möller's with a different label), so I blame all Scandanavians for this minor inconvenience.  Scandanavians are always trying to get over on the rest of us, and I for one think it's high time we said NO MORE!  Who's with me?!!
...why is everyone backing away from me and pointing at Dit- oh...


Seriously, this oil is good for me, and tastes much better than than vile stuff Mom fed me from the scary brown bottle.  This oil comes in a green bottle and is lemon-flavoured!  I also just mix it into drinks anyway!


Cheat day!

As promised, it's a food picture!  My eating plan allows (requires, actually) that I eat all the garbage I can imagine one day per week.  From Saturday dinner through Sunday dinner, I eat pure starch, sugar, and other junk.  This is last night's lamb korma; I am currently draining an Orange Julius fruit beverage with protein powder.  The other six days of the week I eat proteins, beans, vegetables and cottage cheese.  Here is a photo respresentative of what I eat during the week (not mine, but similar):

Anyway, I think I've figured out what I'll do with myself - learn IT skills and move to Germany.  I'm looking at a two-week intensive German course in Dusseldorf, and plan to do that this summer.  I'm learning to read German through pounding vocabulary into my head and reading der Spiegel online.  I can learn IT stuff here stateside, get my feet wet and whatnot, then figure out where I want to live.  The Rhine sounds like a nice place; I like the idea of being where wine and beer meet.  Ah, ideas...



Not much new here.  My best progress lately has been financial, knocking off 25% of my student loan debt in the past 3 months.  I plan to have the whole deal paid by August.  Then I can waste $2000 or so on a nice two-week holiday.  I'm a good boy! 

I'm starting a new programme called 'Whole30' tomorrow (whole9life.com for you brave souls).  I'm looking forward to it, save the 'no drink for a month' bit.  Might be good for me.  I'm a day into my 578939304th attempt to quit drinking soda, replacing it with tasty decaf iced tea.  I'm really, really tired right now. 

Tonight I'll be doing my taxes and preparing to paint my ceilings.  This will be a great weekend.